One of the most consistent findings by various authors with regards to African widows is the degree to which they are economically self-reliant. Margaret Owen, a leading figure in the emerging women’s legal rights movement, explains that women in African nations are generally the poorest of the poor and the least protected by the law. She further points out that widowhood represents a social death for women, rubbing them of their status and consigning them to the very margins of society where they suffer the most extreme forms of discrimination and stigma.

Habonimana is a widow with 6 children but she had no home and none of them is in school. She has no money to feed her children. After his husband died, she was kicked out from their rented apartment because she couldn’t afford to pay for the rent. When she relocated to her husband’s relative’s home, she was maltreated and assaulted. She and the kid passes the night anywhere they could find on the street and uncompleted schools.

With just $80, Burundi National Coordinator of CHAMA, Jimmy mobilized some community members alongside volunteers from CHAMA Burundi, and they have started building a house for this widow and her 6 children. The house shall be plastered with cement with good paint finishing so that that the widow and her 6 children can have a good house where to live in. Our prayer is to see this work finished and that mother shall be a warrior of CHAMA.

Today, 22 malaria warriors worldwide have rallied round and raised money to build a strong house for this widow!

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

(James 1:27)
We have the best team ever put together in this history of humanitarian services! To God be the glory!


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