Is Hon. Onyejeocha competent or has she wasted our 11 years at N’Assenly?

Is Honourable Nkiru Onyejeocha competent or has she wasted our 11 precious years at the national assembly representing the people of Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency?

I will start this write up by assessing 3 first timer House of Representative members from Abia State and compare them with our Honorable Nkeiruka Onyejeocha who has spent 10 years in that same Green Chamber. After my comparison, I will allow us to conclude whether Onyejeocha is a competent representative or a waste for Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency for the past 11 years and more.

Why I am taking my time to do this, is because some Onyejeocha’s supporters or followers have always posited that Onyejeocha is a wonderful representative, a shining light in that national assembly, a great speaker in the house, but the facts I will present before you will completely defeat all this their position and expose truly who Onyejeocha is and also expose how misfit she is to represent the cerebral people of Isuikwuato/Umunneochi LGA’s.

Before I go on, it is important I draw the attention of my readers to the fact that I have nothing personal against the beautiful Honorable Nkeiruke Onyejeocha, and as a media professional I will consistently remain in the professional line by making sure I don’t go personal and also, I do not malign her image.

But because she is already a public individual and also representing me at the national assembly, I have the right to discuss her capacity, her representation, her effectiveness, and her failures.

I will respectful beg my readers and those that will comment to please stay on my facts, don’t insult her because of my view, don’t go personal, don’t go damaging her image. I also expect her supporters to off course come out to insult me or any other persons that states his or her view below as usual. But I will advise, that the best way to defend your master or your boss, is to counter facts with facts.

Note, only empty individuals insult others during deliberation, argument or discussion.

Let me repeat, I have consistently stated that when you compare Onyejeocha with her predecessor, she has done marvelously well. But the question now is, do you compare yourself with failures or do you compare yourself with successfully people?

So, I am always left in the dark when Onyejeocha’s supporters compare her with her predecessor, who obviously is known to have failed. Well, only failures compare themselves with failures.

Now, why do I want to compare Honorable Nkeiruka Onyejeocha with 3 first timers at the House of representatives, I am doing this to expose to us what a first timer could do in less than 3 years that third timer could not do. This will expose the fact that Onyejeocha has failed Umunneochi and Isuikwuato people respectively.

I will start this comparison with Honorable Prestige Ossy, the wonderful house of representative member, representing Aba North/South Federal Constituency. Nobody in Abia State will deny the effectiveness, vibrant nature and the passion to serve his people which is glorying around Prestige.
Just recently, in defense of his people’s right, he revealed the corruptions in NEMA and EFCC is investigating 20 top officers of NEMA.

Some part of Aba North/South was affected by the flood that destroyed homes in 2017 and the constituency was pen down for relieve materials based on the fact that Hon. Prestige raised the issue as a matter of urgent importance at the NASS. But the relieve materials made available to his constituency was below expected and the inquiry began. Today, based on the enquiry and the committee setup by NASS to investigate this corruption, EFCC has picked up 20 top NEMA offices.

That is what we call representation and defense of your peoples right.

When I raised the issue of the erosion ravaging Isuikwuato LGA, some Onyejeocha’s aides or supporter came insulting me and asking if I am not aware that the money budgeted for that project was stolen, diverted and all that. The simple question I asked which they have all refused to answer was “what did Onyejeocha do knowing that the funds have being diverted or stolen as the case maybe”? Until now, no response from them. But I guess we can all see what Honorable Prestige did when his people were shortchanged? This is a matter of competence, Onyejeocha lacks the competence that is why she can’t do it.

In less than 3 years at the national, Hon. Prestige has successfully attracted electricity projects within his constituency these includes the procurement of 11, (500) KVA Transformers with feeder pillars, he also attracted the construction of 2 road projects in Aba North/South federal constituency.

Check out the list;
1. Built a brand-new constituency office for himself located at 159 Azikwe Road in Aba
2. Built 3 Classroom block at Etche Road Primary School in Aba.
3. Provided Free School Shuttle Bus Service
4. Provided Free legal aid desk in his constituency office
5. Built a 33,000 liters solar powered borehole with treatment plant at Agu Road, Aba through the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing.
6. Provided Free medical service
7. Provided 11 Electric Transformers through the Federal Ministry of Water Resources.
8. Built a 33,000 liters solar powered borehole at Ovom Street, Ogborhil, Aba, through the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing.
9. Built the new Ohanku road with street lights and borehole through the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing with second phase starting soon.
10. Provided Vocational/Skill acquisition training opportunity through NDE
11. Graded above 100 roads
12. Constructed 10 Toilet Facilities for Abia State Polytechnic in Aba.
13. Built a Computer Laboratory for Technical College in Aba
14. Paid hospital bills for numerous indigents
And a lot more.

The honorable has done a massive empowerment event 1 year in office and we gathered he is planning a massive one very soon. Remember, this is a first timer and you can see what he has being able to attract for his people, can you now imagine what he will achieve in his 2nd term?

I can beat my chest and say that Onyejeocha attraction all through this 10, 11 years can be compared with what prestige did in 3 years. OBVIOUSLY, WE ARE IN A MESS.

Okay, let’s leave Honorable Prestige Ossy alone and compare Onyejeocha with Honorable Uko Nkole who is representing Arochukwu/Ohafia federal Constituency.

These are Uko Nkole’s achievements in less than 3 years at the national assembly;

* A water project at Ndi Okereke Abam.
* A surface water scheme and treatment plant at Abam still under construction.
* Ibina Ohafia water scheme.
* Water reticulation at Eziukwu and Mgbaga from Ekeluogo water scheme in Ebem Ohafia.
* Rehabilitation of Ishi Mmiri water scheme at Elu Ohafia.
* Rehabilitation of Abiriba water scheme which has been moribund for over 20 years.
* Borehole at Umuzomgbo, Ihechiowa.

* Uko Nkole is the man that influenced the return to site of the contractor handling the rehabilitation of the Arochukwu- Ohafia- Abiriba federal road, Beks Kimse Nigeria Limited.
* He is liaising with the relevant agencies like FERMA to ensure that the Bende/Ohafia road is rehabilitated while also ensuring that the necessary appropriation is made available for the project.

* Anyim bridge at Atani Abam.
* Afagala bridge at Idima Abam.
* Reconstruction of Mmuri bridge, Ohafia.

* Construction of a standard health centre at Ndi Ememe Abam.
* Procurement of drugs and health equipment to be distributed to General hospitals and health centres in in Arochukwu and Ohafia.
* Payment of hospital bills to some indigent patients.
* Supported financially the 2015/2016 CHAMA free medical scheme for those that undergone surgery.
* Construction of five classroom block and a laboratory for Obiene Technical school, Ututu.
* Ongoing construction of five classroom block in Amankwu, Ohafia.
* Uko Nkole partnered with CHAMA (a Canada based NGO) to build a six classroom block in Ndi Aku Ohafia which base existed for 100 years without any any elementary school.
* Construction and furnishing of an administrative block for Nkporo Comprehensive Secondary School, Ohafia.
* Registration of First School Leaving Certificate Examination for over 500 indigent pupils in Arochukwu and Ohafia.
* Bursaries and scholarship to students in secondary and tertiary institutions.
* Provision of school desks to Nkporo Comprehensive Secondary School, Ohafia.


* Provision of low tension cables to support rural electrification in Ihechiowa communities.
* A solar street light for Okagwe and Nkwebi Ohafia.
* Provision and installation of five transformers for the following: Abam community, Timber shade, Ebem, Hospital road, Elu, Isiama layout, Amaekpu and Akanu Ohafia.
* He has also taken up and addressing the issue of overbilling of members of his constituency by EEDC.

Isuikwuato/Umunneochi people, have you seen this, can you honestly say we have a representative at the national assembly or fashion lady?

Finally, lets compare Honorable Solomon Adaelu who is representing Obingwa/Ugwunagbo/Osisioma Federal constituency with our beautiful Honorable Nkeiruka Onyejeocha.

In January 4th, 2017, Hon. Solomon Adaelu launched what he called, “The All Year Round Rural Road Grading/Rehabilitation Programs” under his constituency development programs, Hon. Solomon Adaelu gave one new Grader, one new Compactor and one new Pay-loader to each of the three Local Government Areas he is representing. this laudable initiative has seen So many roads in these three LGA’S being fixed through the exercise. The benefits of this exercise include; increased productivity, savings in cost of transportation of human and material resources, changes in lifestyle and speedy flow of commodities in the supply chain which forms a strong backbone for the Agro-based economy of his constituency.

Hon. Solomon Adaelu equally set up an “Education Empowerment Programme” with the primary objective of empowering as many youths as possible through education. This programme which has academicians and experienced educationists as committee members, procured 300 Jamb forms for his constituents for the just concluded 2017 Jamb Examination. The forms were equitably distributed, 100 pieces each for the 3LGAs under his federal constituency. An offshoot of the programme is a full scholarship scheme for 30 best performing students from each LGA under his constituency in any tertiary institution in Nigeria.

Hon. Adaelu had also assisted many Abia youths to gain employment in both federal and state-owned ministries, agencies and parastatals.

In his core mandate which is law making, the lawmaker has exhibited exceptional brilliance and erudite representation through the sponsorship of bills and motions. some of the bills sponsored by the law maker include:

A bill for an act to alter the provision of section 147 and 192 of the Constitution of the FRN to insert subsections 7 and 8 respectively to provide that nominations for appointment of (Federal and States Executive Council members) minsters and commissioners shall be made not later than 30 days from the date the President or Governor takes oath of office or oath of allegiance. This bill as passed will in no small means help the federal government and states to kick off implementing their developmental agenda which they had promised on time.
A bill for an act to alter section 29(1) & (2) of the constitution of the FRN. This bill is meant to eliminate or reduce the desperation, scramble, lobbying and unhealthy rivalries over elevation of judges to court of Appeal essentially to avoid retirement at sixty-five years; to ensure stability at all levels of the courts of superior records; to extend the retirement age of the all judges in all the courts of the federation against the backdrop of the proven fact that more practical years of experiences enables for more experience on the field.

A bill for an act to establish constituency development fund, for even development and other connected purposes. This will give room for an enactment of law in order to give legal backing to constituency projects, create constituency development fund, provide processes or procedures for their implementation and ensure transparency, accountability and, of course probity.

On the other hand, Hon. Solomon Adaelu has raised and sponsored numerous motions such as the motion on “Police Brutality”, urging some various security agencies to call their personnel’s to order and embark on continuous training of their personnel’s to forestall further incidents of brutality and fire-arm abuse.

As a member of House committee on public petitions, during a committee meeting of public petition, Hon. Solomon Adaelu, queried the activities of the Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS), for his recent recruitment exercise that gave employment to about 382 new staff in the FIRS. To him, it’s so sad that in the said recruitment exercise that states like KASTINA, BORNO and CROSSRIVER received 18, 23, & 14 number of slots respectively, Abia had only one (1) slot. This is indeed a monumental marginalization that brings to question the place of equity and fairness in our very existence as a nation.

As the Vice Chairman of House Committee on Maritime Safety, Education and Administration, Hon. Solomon Adaelu has contributed towards the full transformation of the agency through an efficient budget and budgeting process. Between 6th & 10th November, 2016, he was among the entourage in an oversight function abroad aimed at repositioning the maritime sector for a more robust and service delivery agency.

Can we see that Onyejeocha just wasted 11 years at the national assembly doing nothing for the good cerebral people of Isuikwuato and Umunneochi federal constituency?

Let me not labour us with the erudite performance of the first two representative in lawing making, bills and motions.

I can remember, Honorable Prestige Ossy was a very vocal force when insecurity was on the increase in Aba. He raised it as a matter of urgent importance and the national assembly sent a committee to come to Aba to assess the situation and immediately after the assessment security was beefed up and Aba today is a safer place in conjunction with the state government.

Onyejeocha has failed us, days of mediocrity is over, Isuikwuato and Umunneochi people must go back to the drawing board and redesign our future with quality representation.

I will beg Honorable Onyejeocha’s attack dogs to face me with facts, bring your facts and let’s compare and see if your principal has done more than these guys mention above who are doing their first time in the house of representative.


#Note: By tomorrow, i will start showcasing Isuikwuato LGA personalities that are aspiring for that position.

I am Emenike Iroegbu, I am from Umuasua in Isuikwuato LGA.

By Amos Kalu

A Media Consultant/ICT Expert. Website Developer and CEO/Chief Editor OHAFIA TV News.

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