The looming Dangers of incessant breach of Justice in Nigeria – Kalu cries out

The times are different and the need for men and women of good will to speak up is now before everything spiral out of hand. The rate at which our liberty, freedom and self respect is repeatedly eroded in Nigeria of recent calls for serious concern to all of us. We are gradually becoming a nation of no laws and partial respect to the laws only meet for personal ends.

The Director General of Atikulated Agenda Worldwide and Global Initiative for Good Governance, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, has condemned the relatively unabated method of the present administration at using intimidation and blackmail to silent opposition or bring them to submit to their wills and caprices, not minding the attendant effect on the unity, peace and stability of our nation.

In a statement made available to Press on Thursday in Abuja and signed by his aide on media and publicity Comr. Amos Kalu, Dr Kalu decried the spate of intimidation being meted on the opposition by Buhari/APC-Led Administration, especially those related to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and support his quest for fairness and redress at the court of justice, saying that such molestation should be frowned at.

“Even before the campaigns, this administration had done all within her powers to choke Atiku from freezing his accounts to arresting his Lawyers and Financial Director and at every one of these occasions these people will be bailed with huge amount of money, thereby systematically targeting Atiku’s finances just to suppress and silence him.

“But while at this, one would assume that as a government that prides itself so much high on corruption fight, engaging in wanton extortion of the opposition with trumped up charges without providing any case is tantamount to using the state machinery to intimidate dissenting voices.

“Take for instance, Nigerians are still earnestly waiting for the government of Mohammedu Buhari to come out clean on these issues to prove their stance against corruption.

*Where are these people now? These people that are in favour of the present government:

Danjuma Goje – Accused of mismanaging N25bn state funds by the EFCC, where is he now: Senate, Stella Oduah – Accused of diversion of N3.5bn by the EFCC, where is she now: Senate, Gabriel Suswan – Accused of mismanaging N3.1bn state funds by the EFCC, where is he now: Senate, Abdul Aziz Yari – Accused of questionable payment of N19 billion from the London-Paris Club refund; N35 billion spent on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs); Ecological and Stabilisation Fund and mismanagement of N151,190,477,572.02., where is he now: Senate

“Others include: Ibikunle Amosun – Accused of stockpiling 1,000 AK47 and 4 million bullets, where is he now: Senate. Godswill Akpabio – Accused of mismanaging N100bn state funds by the EFCC, where is he now: Federal Minister . The list is endless and these people are on good terms with the government and so remains sacred cows. The arrogance displayed by Alhaji Ahmed Tinibu in the Bullion VAN Saga is still a normal practice and sign that some people have the right to launder money while others do not even when the money is legitimately yours, it is forbidden that you use it in case it will embolden you to challenge the status quo of political imbalance that has characterised Nigeria” He said.

He further posited that the treatment the Government has continued to give to Babanlele is unfair as well as other Nigerians who are considered a threat to the government. It is evidentialy subtantialble that the government of President Bugari is even afraid of her own shadows.

We cannot build a progressive, peaceful and prosperous nation on lies. It’s going to be hard for us to achieve anything as a nation as long as we have people in positions of power who have denied many of their future and share of our commonwealth. It’s a natural law of justice. People have died because of the actions of a few in power. Their blood is not dead.

By Amos Kalu

A Media Consultant/ICT Expert. Website Developer and CEO/Chief Editor OHAFIA TV News.

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