WORRISOME: The Plot to Rig Guinea Bissau Election in favour DSP unveiled.

After rigorous campaign by the two men that will contest the final lap of the 2019 General Election in Guinea Bissau, General Umaro Sissoco Embaló (USE)  and Domingos Simões Pereira, the optimism and curiosity has remained heightened because a lot of people were surprised that while USE crisscrossed around the nooks and crannies of Guinea Bissau canvassing for votes with the men he formed an alliance with, DSP preferred doing nothing or spending more of his time buying votes and inducing people from other parties.

As journalists that has been on the ground during the first round and still here all through the campaigns, we speculated and envisaged that the confidence with which DSP and his followers were going about their confidence that he has already won, only rigging can give them such confidence because the display of their confidence can almost be said to be of visible arrogance.

Haven concluded the campaigns yesterday 27th December, 2019, it was now time for the candidates to tighten their loose ends because USE have continued to prove to be as smart as DSP and in some case moe ready to tackle his antics and all of a sudden the secret behind DSP’s confidence of victory was exhumed and brought to daylight in the mid hours of 28th December, 2019.

Recall that DSP was the man that brought the interim Prime Minister and therefore the present government answers to his beck and call. They displayed all manners of effort during the campaigns to frustrate the opponent or create chaos that will provoke the opposition and cause postmentment of the election to help me buy time. The height of such actions included blocking the road for Engr Nuno Nabiam on his way to Bissau from Sao Domingos and three Policemen coking Guns at him. It took the timely intervention of the ECOMIB soldiers attached to Nuno Nabiam to calm the situation.

Having the government under his control did not just make DSP arrogant, it also made him lazy to rest on his oars while his opponent was vigorously campaigning and the difference is all over the internet (Confirm with #TeamRescueBissau).


Today, a audio recording of the Electoral Body have leaked as the Chairman Juiz Jose Pedro Sambu was boasting that he will do everything within his powers to make sure USE does not become the president by rigging the election in favour of DSP even if it brings crisis to the republic will not matter.

The plan included how Engr Nuno Nabiam will lose his party after the election. The leacked audio has got USE screening on radio nationwide while the determined orchestrators of this time bomb seems to be unperturbed. 

This is a call to ECOWAS to intervene in Guinea Bissau to avoid the ugly cloud gathering over this peaceful republic. The will of one man cannot be allowed to destroy the country that should be a home for all. Africa is in enough crisis to create another one that will further destroy her fortunes.

We are working on making the audio available for download and listening.

By Amos Kalu

A Media Consultant/ICT Expert. Website Developer and CEO/Chief Editor OHAFIA TV News.

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