Chief Kalu Sues for calm and reason over rancour in Guinea-Bissau Polity

ABUJA – The Director General of Global Initiative for Good Governance (GIGG) and one time Governorship Aspirant in Abia State, Chief Emeka C. Kalu, have sued for peace and profound reasoning to be allowed to prevail in Guinea-Bissau as political disagreements will do no country any good. 

Chief Kalu made the call in a Press Statement issued from his Abuja base and signed by his Media and Publicity Aide, Comr. Amos Kalu, appealing to the political actors of Guinea-Bissau to choose a better and more peaceful options to reconcile the ongoing legal dispute that followed the 29th December Presidential Election.

According to him, the Guinea-Bissau Presidential election can confidently be passed as the best and fairest he has witnessed in Africa in recent times because it was devoid of rancur, thugery, death, and bitterness as every contested exhibited high level of patriotism and maturity throughout the electioneering period that is very commendable for a country that wish to move forward.

Chief Dr Kalu who is also the PDP Director of Protocols, Youth Alliance and Atilukated Agenda Worldwide pressure group for good governance in Nigeria submitted:

“I was on the ground all through the electioneering period and I must confess that the level of political maturity of the players was superb and the political consciousness of the citizenry is second to none and a virtue that must be emulated around Africa if there’s the desire to move forward.

“But I am taken aback to hear that after a month of congratulations I witnessed to have come from one of the ardent contestants Domingos Simoes Pereira, who I see as a rugged and determined contestant, the matter is still dragging in court which I know will be a distraction and delay to formation of the new government.

“I am appealing to all parties that for the interest and future of the republic for which they gave their all to, let there be a melting point of agreement and resolution to move forward as endless litigations is evil wind that blows no one any good. I expect the gallantry that characterized the electioneering period to prevail as elections come and go but the nation must move forward. Any action that will hold the republic down endlessly should be sacrificed on the altar of patriotism. 

“Let peace be a guiding principle for the republic you have all given your best to serve and protect as the progress of your beloved nation rest on your shoulders as leaders” Kalu appealed.

Meanwhile, the new government is scheduled to be inaugurated on the 19th of February, 2020 if the Court and PAIGC sees the wisdom expedient in ensuring the country is not grounded in endless rancour  and political rigmarole of litigation after elections. 

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