Calm returns to Okon-Aku Ohafia as Dr Umeh Kalu heads interim O.D.U as PG

By: Kalu Amanda

After what seems to be a protracted tussle for the leadership of the Apex Body that oversees the smooth running of Okon-Aku Clan in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State, one of the “A” villages of Ohafia, calm and hope have returned.

Arising from a well constituted community meeting of the entire stakeholders of Okon-Aku Ohafia from Nneka’s Cabinet, Ndi Ezie Ogo, Ndi Inyom Nkwa, Youths, Branches and political stalwarts of the clan, a resolution was reached and an interim government was formed to steer the affair of O.D.U till 2020 December pending a General Election and Dr. Umeh Kalu Mmecha was appointed to head the interim Government.

Other members of the interim government include: Awagwu nominated Udonsi Kalu Eke, Nmecha Ume, and Omaka Agwu. Amafia nominated Ebin kalu, and Shedrach Ekea while Okonta nominated Cliff kalu Obia, and P A Obasi.

Recall that an election scheduled to hold in 2019 December to choose new leaders that would take over from the last interim government was mared by disaffection, accusation and counter accusations bothering on the screening and disqualification of many candidates that warranted pundits to conclude that the process was not free and fair, hence the cancellation and call off of the election.

With these latest developments, it is clear that the pursuit for the path of peace in crisis resolution in Okon-Aku has remained sacrossant and paramount in the progress march of Okon-Aku Ohafia.

The New PRESIDENT therefore calls on all and sundry to give him maximum support to achieve the new assignment that would restore total peace in Okon and confidence of her citizens as well as return her on the right track of her progress March.

OKON-AKU is a border community between Abia State and Cross River sharing boundary with most Biase Communities of Cross River State. She is also the highest producer of Palm Products and a community rooted in the art of farming and food production though her political profile in Ohafia is second to none and ranks among the best in Abia State.

Congratulations to the new executives.

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