PDP: Chief Kalu Advocates For “Operation Unify The Party” Ahead of Time 

The current events in Nigeria have continued to generate reactions from well meaning individuals and believers in great potentialities of Nigeria through constant admonition, opinions, suggestions and profering of solutions that will help to bring back our nation to the path of progress through well articulated efforts geared towards achieving the same.

A vocal and pragmatic Chieftain in PDP, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu has once again called on the leadership of the Peoples’ Democratic Party to come together and forge a formidable unity that will help them play their roles actively now as an opposition as well as reclaim power come 2023 because only unity can guarantee them a place in the future of Nigeria politics.

Chief Kalu, who is the DG of protocols, Youth Alliance of Peoples’ Democratic Party and Global Alliance for Good Governance, says that inasmuch as the party remains the largest party in Africa, her full potentials cannot be reached if the internal unity of the party is not strengthened to be employed to her advantage because a house that is divided among itself cannot never stand.

Chief Kalu gave an example with the case of Supreme Court of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Hon Emeka Ihedioha who would’ve come out successful if the party played more proactive role rather than being reactionary at all times, pointing out that it was disunity that caused PDP the two loses if the party must learn from the experiences.

Further arguing, Chief Kalu insisted that notwithstanding the millions and billions PDP members can control as individuals, that is not enough to control power or play vital role of opposition unless the individuals come together to form a more formidable force that will be a threat to the excesses of the ruling party who has shown all manners of impunity but still remain unperturbed because in the multitude of their misgivings stands unity of purpose even when it is not sound. He said it is an asset still lacking in PDP and a culture that must be cultivated – UNITY.

To achieve this, he suggested that PDP should look up to a national leader who will play the role of unifying symbol as Buhari is to APC party, respect such leader and rally round him at all times to achieve a set goal rather than standing on shifting grounds to be swallowed individually when standing untied could’ve save all and sundry.

He said that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar remains the main with such qualification in PDP and believes that if PDP can make the right choices from now, 2023 would be a sure outing for them because in as much as APC has grown unpopular, their strength has continued to feed well from the disunity of PDP where there are better heads and ideologies that could move the nation forward.

We must launch “Operation Unify the Party” because that is the only option left for us as a party and PDP must learn how to reward loyalty to those members that stood through thick and thin with the party and as well make greater room for the youths to participate more actively in the affairs of the party as the future of the party lies in her youth.

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