Guinea Bissau: Nuno appoints 32 Members of Cabinet, including PAIGC members to form all-inclusive Govt

Government of Nabiam has 32 members and Suzi Barbosa occupies foreign affairs

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The New Government led by Prime Minister, Engr Nuno Gomes Nabiam has just been made public on Tuesday. The cabinet will consist of 32 members, of which are 19 Ministries and 13 State Offices. The Ministry of public health remains to be fill in at the time of filing this report.

Of the 32 members of the new executive, only seven (7) are women and of whom three occupy ministry and four secretary of state.

significant of note is that in the government cast include the presence of paigc leader, Deputy Suzi Carla Barbosa, who will occupy the portfolio of foreign affairs, international cooperation and communities, which she had occupied in the government of Aristides Gomes. Another novelty is the figure of economist, João aladje Mamadu Fadiá, former National Director of the Central Bank of West Africa (Bceao) who is indicated to lead the finance portfolio, a function he has held several times including in the executive once led by his excellency president of the Republic of Guinea Bissau General Umoro Sissoco Embaló (as a Prime Minister under JOMAV). The aim is to have every square pegs in square holes as the only way to achieve economic and political stability in the progress match of the republic.

The Executive is formed mainly by the members of the Movement for Democratic Alternance (MADEM G-15), The Social Renewal Party (PRS), United People’s Assembly – Democratic Party of Guinea Bissau (APU-PDGB), Bafata Movement (RGB) ), and some individuals.

Bellow are the list of the new Cabinet members


Mr Mamadu Serifo [Madem-G15] – Minister of the presidency of the council of ministers and parliamentary affairs;

Mr Jorge Malu [PRS] – Minister of natural resources and energy

Mr Jorge Mandingo [APU] – Minister of transport and communications;

Mr Abel da Silva Gomes [Madem-G15] – Minister of rural development;

Mr Victor Mandingo [Madem-G15] – Minister of economy, plan and regional integration;

Mr João Aladje Mamadú [Independent] – Minister of finance;

Mrs Suzi Carla Barbosa [PAIGC] – Minister for foreign affairs, cooperation and communities;

Mr Botche Candé [Jomav] – Minister of interior
Mr Fernando Mendonça [Cadogo] – Minister of justice;

Mr sandji fati [Madem-G15] – Minister of defense and freedom of Homeland Fighters;

Mr Fernando Dias [PRS] – Minister of regional administration and local government;

Mr Malam Sambú [PRS] – Minister of Fisheries;

Mr António Artur Sanhá [PRS] – Minister of trade and industry.

Mr Arcénio Abdulai Jibrilo [Madem-G15] – Minister of National Education and higher education;

Mrs Maria Celina Vieira [APU] Minister for public administration, Labour, employment and social security;

Lord [—] – Minister of public health;

Lady Maria da conceição évora [Madem-G15] – Minister of women, family and social solidarity;

Mr Fidelis Forbes [Madem-15] – Minister of public works, housing and urbanism;

Mr Viriathus Soares Cassamá [Cadogo] – Minister of environment and biodiversity;

State offices

Mrs Dara Yurgan of Fonseca Ramos [Madem-G15] – Secretary of state of the communities;

Mr Augusto Gomes [APU] – Secretary of state for international cooperation;

Mr Florentino Fernando Dias [Madem-G15]- Secretary of state for youth and sports;

Mr José Carlos Varela Cassimiro [Madem-G15] – Secretary of state for budget and tax affairs;

Mr Ilídio Vieira until [PRS] – Secretary of state for the treasure;

Cornelia Lopes Man [APU] – Secretary of state for hospital management;

Mr Garcia Bifa Bideta [APU] – Secretary of state for higher education and scientific research;

Mrs Nhima Sissé [Madem-G15] – Secretary of state for tourism and crafts;

Mr Mário Fambé [PRS] – Secretary of state for public order;

Mrs mónica buaró da Costa [PRS] – Secretary of state for plan and regional integration;

Mr Francelino Cunha [PRS] – Secretary of state for culture;

Mr Conco Turé [Madem-G15] – Secretary of state for the media;

Mr. Augusto Sound [RGB-M. Bafata] – Secretary of state for freedom fighters of the homeland;

It is expected that these patriotic men and women will not relent until Guinea Bissau is restored to the clear path of progress and restoration.

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