The many parts of PDP hypocrisy, how it will not help the party – Kalu

A chieftain of People’s Democratic Party, PDP and Director of Protocols, Youth Alliance of the party, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu has expressed disappointment with the way the party has chosen to treat her committed members when it is time to appreciate their input. He said this has continued to brew bad blood and develop cold feet for her foot soldiers.

Chief Kalu recalled that one of the main actions that caused PDP the power in 2015 was as a result of this same exhibition of hypocrisy that makes it normal for them to always reward the rooted party members with disregard while rewarding new comers with every preferential treatment and lofty rewards at the expense of faithful and committed members. They have always adopted the method of “to your tent oh Israel”, chasing person gains at the expense of party loyalty. As a result, every individual got what they were chasing after and the party lost what it had which is what brought Nigeria to this crossroads till 2023.

Until PDP change from this attitude, she will continue to lose her best when it is time to build even more formidable force.

Chief Kalu also said that the fact that PDP busied in playing hypocrisy also cost her 2019 when the party failed to take radical approach to fighting for their own against an established fraud. Rather she preferred playing reactive roles rather than taking proactive measures to tackle pressing times, like the “Oh Isreal” saying, Atiku lost alone until it was beyond remedy. Examples abound even in recent times.

Chief Kalu who is also the DG of Atikulated Agenda Worldwide and Global Initiative for Good Governance, said that for the fact that the leadership of PDP have continued to ignore men and women sacrificing and risking their all to fight for her image out in the sun, but rather prefer to lobby strange bed fellows, her redemption will remain a fight of uncertainty.

He explained that PDP leadership should not continue to pay more attention to what they can gain from every processes of the system, but must be ready to make more sacrifices as well as recognise the people making ultimate sacrifices for the good of the party because it is only when you praise a worker for a job well done that he can put in his best to bring even better results.

“I call on the party to stop paying lip service to love for the party because it can only amount to hypocrisy.

“Love for the party should entail sacrifices, cooperation, unity of purpose, reward for commitment and above all the need to work as one indivisible and united people pursuing same goal at all time.

“2023 is around the corner and if PDP must make headway, we must go back to our drawing board and shade all forms of hypocrisy and self gratification at the expense of other committed members chasing the same course.” His statement concludes.

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