COVID-19: My thoughts on our August visitors in April – Chinese Doctors

For the umpteenth time, I have always clearly stated that I don’t conform with the general opinion, I do not believe in “Mob Thinking”, or following the crowd. I have a set rule, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

Vehemently, I aired and defended my opinions over 5G, COVID-19 and Chinese Doctors visit. I allayed my fears with enough evidence and expressed my convictions. I told some of my friends that misconstrued my position that it is not about raising fear, but raising a discussion to allay unspoken fear of the unknown, it is about not swallowing everything hook, line and sinker.

I got messages inbox and engaged outbox to drive my point home, in the end some agreed and some disagreed with me and we moved on.

On the issue of Chinese Doctors that have come to Nigeria amidst our protest. Having had the oil already spilled on us, I decided to look from other side of the prism, as a caged lion with two options of direct onslaught or forever being caged. Here’s my position, outside the general perception.

In the course of our discussions on 5G and COVID-19, my good friend Prince Rolly Ajomiwe classified my among “Conspiracy theorists”, and even reminded me it was a “Phrase” not a “Word”, that refreshment course was invigorating.

My chairman Ugochukwu Nwankwo classified me under “Propagandist” while my Oga Iroegbu Emenike said I am a blogger that mustn’t voice out my mind.

In the end, I learnt from my interactions with them because they came with reasonable arguments that others must’ve learnt in the process as I too learnt. Some infinitismal few had just one word for me “Ignorant”, I smiled and looked away, knowing that the word also has two sides of same prism. Such people don’t normally have any mental dexterity to articulate beyond those words that always help them to embellish their helplessness and ignorance.. quid pro quo.

Back to the topic please.
On this side of this prism, I am putting myself in the side of a “Conspiracy Theorist” to drive home my point, which the basis for that phrase is “those selling America narratives to undermine China” (but that was not my intent abinitio, my argument was mainly, rejecting our putting ourselves in the line of fire in a war of supremacy between USA and China). Now let say they were right.

I was thinking, let’s assume that China went to Italy and their Coronavirus mortality escalated. It is understandable because USA, Italy, Germany, France, etc are all competing with China for the control of Africa, Nigeria especially which is the largest market in Africa (we are just consumers).

Could it be possible that while China went to Europe to cause havoc, they will likely come to Africa and give them their secret to containing the virus so that before the other ones will recover, China would’ve completely secured Africa, saved it and shutdown?

Few reasons precipitated my line of thinking.

  1. Africa, especially Zimbabwe and Nigeria are heavily indebted to China, and debt guarantees loyalty. No creditor prays for your debtor to die, so if they help us live, we will remain loyal and borrow more to ensure that even after we’re gone, our unborn generations will remain loyal, grateful and submissive to Chinese generations unborn.
  2. If they help us to survive Coronavirus as they seem to be the only people in the world with the antidote, they would’ve seen a test field for future developments as they’re already working on 6G network few weeks after rolling out 5G in 2019.

Be that as it may, I think that generally our relationship with China had been more beneficial to Africans as they’re always ready to help the borrowing Africans with less stringent conditions than our Europe and America partners, which is point my brother Arua Goodluck E succinctly captured in his article at

In summary, I am saying that just as the issue of 5G has been put on hold for now, let us give the August Chinese visitors some benefit of doubt by keeping our record of 6 death so far and 200+ plus confined cases and wait for 14 days from now.

I do not force anyone to give up on his or her opinions, I am saying that they’re already here, carry it up or carry it down, this is Ozu Nwa Beke.


Comr Amos Kalu – Afk, Abuja

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