Guiné-Bissau Prime Minister gives update on nation’s fight against COVID-19

Today, I chaired another weekly meeting of the Interministerial Commission to Combat Coronavirus, of epidemiological follow-up and follow-up of the Rapid Response Teams (ERR) of the SAB and Regions.

I have been permanently working, directing and coordinating all efforts to deal with the pandemic.

I was informed in detail of the work in the field at the level of the technical and Epidemiological State sub-commissions. The situation showed the progress in terms of reducing contagion in the SAB, and at the moment the concerns of the health authorities are concentrated in the Canchungo Sector, which has already registered 10 confirmed cases.

In view of the retreat of infection in new cases in Bissau, I could not fail to offer my congratulations to the members of the Interministerial Commission, Doctors and Paramedics and to our population for their brilliant efforts in combating Covid-19.

Addressing the issue of aid that we have received from all quarters, I began by thanking all the religious authorities who committed themselves to the State and the people in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, I welcome the support and generosity of several foreign communities that live and work in our country.

From the Indian community we received 2,500 bags of rice, 500 bags of sugar, 500 boxes of soap, 500 boxes of cooking oil to offer our population.

I made a point of discriminating the content of these help for a simple reason: they are gestures of compassion and love for our people in this moment of intense suffering, which I, as Head of Government, could not fail to highlight.

I also want to welcome the contribution and initiative of hundreds of private companies, associations, public institutions, citizens, group of residents, Non-Governmental Organizations, diverse individuals, who in a selfless and responsible way are contributing with means and materials in this campaign to defeat the Covid-19.

My Minister of Finance and I are making every effort to obtain the greatest amount of support from international financial entities.

We already have confirmation of 15 million dollars from the Islamic Development Bank, the World Bank already has 3 million dollars available, which can be redeployed more, other forms and sources of financing are being studied.

Another offer that came to us, a different gesture and which I also want to share with you, is that of the President of the West African Development Bank (BOAD), who personally offered 5 million FCFA to the Guinean people.

The first shipment of various materials for hospital purposes arrives from China on April 18, with the second boat due to arrive on the 21st of the current.

Addressing the issue of monitoring infected patients, vulnerable citizens, families in difficulties in the context of Covid-19, it instructs the Interministerial Commission to launch emergency food aid operations.

I want to ensure that benefits reach those who need them most in an organized and structured manner on the basis of distribution plans in a timely manner.

It also instructs that all aid should be concentrated in one place, and its strict and judicious management should be entrusted to someone outside the government sphere of recognized suitability and competence.

Taking on the fate of governance for a short time and managing the effects of a pandemic with this dimension, is a huge challenge and at the same time an area very inclined to politicization, something that we should all avoid. We must close ranks in the fight against Covid-19.

We wish everyone well and together we will win

Eng ° Nuno Gomes Nabiam, Prime Minister of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau.

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