Covid-19: Islamic Dev. Bank supports Guinea-Bissau with 13.8 million Euros

The Islamic Development Bank will support Guinea-Bissau in the fight against the pandemic of the new coronavirus with 13.8 million euros, announced the Guinean authorities.

In a message on the social network Facebook, Nuno Nabiam, appointed prime minister, announced that his government’s finance minister, João Fadia, met with the president of the Islamic Development Bank, “where urgent support from an amount of 15 million dollars “(about 13.8 million euros) to combat covid-19.

Nuno Nabian also stresses that efforts have not been spared to find medical and sanitary solutions and mechanisms that allow the country to access “financial means to increase its response capacity on the common front of combat”.

“We do this because of the nature of our mission, for our people, and above all because we need to fully and unconditionally support our new heroes who are doctors and paramedics”, he underlines.

Guinea-Bissau has so far registered 46 infected with covid-19, three of which are already recovered.

The infections were detected in three regions of the country, namely the autonomous sector of Bissau, Cacheu, and Biombo.

Source: Lusa

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