I see revolution if FG refuse to restrategise over lockdown effects – Kalu

A PDP Chieftain and Director General, Atikulated Agenda Worldwide and Global Initiative for Good Governance, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu has continued to sound alarm to possible aftermath of the poorly managed approach of the Federal Government towards the real effects of the lockdown Nigerians have continued to experience close to a month running.

Yesterday, he made revelations on the insincerity of the government officials and security personnel who have turned the lockdown situation into business by converting themselves to commuters who ferry people from one destination to another to beat lockdown, but fail to remind themselves that even them could fall victim of the deadly virus because they can’t certainly prove or dismiss that the human cargoes are not vector to take the virus around.

In a related submission made available to pressman through his media Aide, Comr Amos Kalu, the one time Abia State Gubernatorial Aspirant has continued to play the lone voice in the wilderness by calling on the government to have a rethink in their approach, saying that the way things are going, people are bound to react and when they do, it will lead to break down of law and order in an unprecedented proportions.

“Look at the latest trend in Lagos arm robbery, observe patches of riots in few cities around Nigeria. Observe the extra-judicial killings that have resulted to destruction in Ohafia, Warri and few other areas.

“How much longer is it going to take before we lose total control?

“What keeps the masses sane is the ability to eat and survive, but in a situation where they’d be lockdown for weeks without end on empty stomachs will create humans that will be more scared of starvation than Coronavirus and when we get to that point, you either let then loose or you get ready to kill them all to control them.

“Rightly, it is in line with recommendations of WHO and NCDC that total lockdown is the best approach to checkmate further spread of Coronavirus, but it is also important to note that all governments of the world observing this lockdown made a kind of provision for the entire citizenry and therefore Nigeria’s case should not be different.” He said.

Chief Kalu argued the insincerity of the Federal government and her officials had made rubbish the first palliative by enriching few greedy men at the expense of the masses, and therefore call on the Federal Government to release Nigerian money to Nigerians to survive first before we talking about future and projects.

“We have money within, the only way to put the hungry masses in check is to feed them or we get ready for the impending revolution that may follow when the people lose control due to hard-biting hunger.

“The government should also restratgise to ensure that the lockdown is observed to the later because the men in charge are ensuring that this virus is still exported from one area to another. That is why we are recording new cases even in areas that had none.

“A stitch in time saves nine.” He concludes.

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