FG should lockdown, use $311M returned loot to pay Nigerians, Kalu advices

The Director General of Global Initiative for Good Governance, Dr Emeka Kalu has reacted to the possible side effects of what he termed as miscalculated relaxation of lockdown by the Buhari-Led administration against COVID-19.

In a statement signed by his media and publicity Aide, Comr Amos Kalu, the outspoken PDP leader who double as Publicity Secretary, PDPYA and Atikulated Agenda Worldwide said that the the decision of the administration was ill-time, miscalculated and a sign that the lockdown was not aimed at achieving anything in the first place, saying that they just locked down because everybody was locking down and now they’re relaxing the lockdown because they are out of ideas that were never there initially.

According to his submissions, it is most painful that the political brouhaha that this administration built around Coronavirus pandemic from day one has made the ordinary masses to doubt the existence of such thing and believe the government are just looking for an avenue to make money from United Nations. Opining that this is the scenario you get when power is in hands of few greedy men that think only about theirselves and their immediate families.

“I don’t believe majority of Nigerians truly know what it is, or what we are dealing with.

“Given the numbers of folks in some videos making rounds on social media is worrisome because it is clear that most people still see Coronavirus as a myth of the legends in the western world. That is very unprecedented and this is as a result of inaction of the men in charge.

“Observe the number that attended the Emirs funerals without obseving any social distancing, no masks, nothing.

“Examine the number that criss-cross Onitsha head Bridge, the number of folks in Alaba market Lagos, who are observing no social distancing, no mask and agree with me that we have set a time bomb that may soon explode in Nigeria if nothing is done and on time too” he said.

Dr Kalu lamented that there’s nothing on ground to show that we have the capability and capacity to handle any surge that may emanate from people not keeping to these rules.

“Do we have enough isolation centers or medical manpower to control spread among 200 million citizens when we can’t manage the rare cases properly? This case is so worrisome, to say the least”.

“I understand that the economy is going down, but because of the fact that people don’t really have enough education about this, I submit that we shouldn’t have relaxed the lockdown immediately.

“A government with the right ideas would have made provisions to pacify citizenry by providing workable palliative measures for sustenance because the people have to survive first before we talk about economy” kalu said.

“If we have a surge occasioned by this miscalculated action of opening up without preparedness, then the lockdown we exercised would’ve been a time wasted in vain.

“Let the Federal Government lockdown the nation completely and use the $311 Million dollars returned by United States to pay every Nigerians as palliative so that no one should leave their homes. Also, palliatives should be shared before lockdown so that people can stock food and Medcine.

“We should’ve had more testing for the people before opening up the economy” he concluded.

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