Rampage in Benin Republic as Prisoners Rovolt, set facility ablaze (Video)

When OTVNews beamed our searchlight on the inhuman treatment of inmates in Benin Republic Prisons, it was to bring to the fore what the wickedness of African leaders have turned their brothers into in the name of making money out of them through the overhead allowances per head they recieve from United Nation in behalf of each inmate. In as much as we do not support or condone criminality, yet we cannot ignore the reality of Coronavirus threatening all and sundry that necessitated UN to order decongestion.

While most African Countries like Nigeria, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Ghana etc have done the needful and released inmates amounting to hundreds of thousand across board in respect to United Nation’s directives to decongest these facilities to avoid spread of the novel pandemic, the Government of Benin Republic has refused to let go of her prisoners as a result of the premium and gain they’re still taking from United Nations on each prisoner.

For the government of President Patrice Talon of Benin Republic, it is not about correction of human beings, it is about human trafficking and economic advantage from UN that, the more prisoners you keep, the more money you make from keeping them.

Irked by the revelation of the illicit business going on with human being as revealed by our investigation, the government of Benin, yesterday 5th May, 2020, stormed the cells to beat, harass and arrest many people within the prison. This action had caused the inmates to react to level of rampage and setting the facility ablaze with them inside, not minding the consequences.

OTVNews learnt that, while the inmates attacked and broke down structures inside, they discovered that the drugs the prison authorities receive from United Nations on their behalf and sold to them are expired drugs which has continued to cause unexplainable deaths in the prison and are therefore calling on the United Nations, African Union and ECOWAS to intervene to avoid further breakdown of order that will lead to lose of lives.

The is available video and pictures obtained by Ohafiatv proves that there are expired drugs found in the prison clinic that have been destroyed by the inmates and wonder why Africans will feed poisons to their brothers in the prison just to make money from such wicked acts.

We are calling on the relevant authorities to prevail on the government of President Patrice Talon to do the needful by releasing prisoners to avoid outbreak of Coronavirus among inmates. These can be achieved more easily when United Nations stop sending money to Benin Republic for upkeep of inmates that are surviving on their own while government make money from their precarious and forlorn existence. Enough it enough and Africa can be humans for once for the right reasons.

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