Dr Kalu Celebrates with Senator Kalu on his well deserved freedom

The Director General of Global Initiative for Good Governance, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu has expressed excitement at the victory of the Chief Whip of the 9th Assembly, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, after the Supreme Court set aside the erroneous judgement that convicted him few months ago.

He said that this is a sign that the judiciary is still in control of its actions and capable of correcting herself in matter of laws, albeit, justice for all and fair hearing at all times. This is because it was a legal error for a judge already promoted to Court of Appeal to hurriedly decide a case at the High Court in a manner that suggest stampede of the process.

Be that as it may, we are happy that justice has been served.

“Senator Orji Uzor Kalu is my friend and brother who never deserved what he got because due process was not followed to the latter.

“What we are experiencing in Nigeria today is a selected prosecution where some people are presumed to be guilty by default based on where they’re coming from, while others are saints because they decide who are thieves and who are true thieves.

“This is not about party, ethnicity or religious inclination, this is about justice and I believe justice has taken its course as OUK’s freedom is being celebrated today”, he said.

Dr Kalu said that he does not believe that Nigeria is yet fighting corruption as long as it remains a selective exercise where the very thieves stealing million use the state apparatus to chase others and label them corrupt while they and their cronies walk free with our collective wealth embezzled.

“We have prisoners of conscience, but I am sure we will get it right one day when every corrupt leader is tried in court with evidence not on media with false and a selective approach.

“I therefore congratulate Senator Orji Uzor Kalu once again for a well deserved freesom”.

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