Kalu urges FG to investigate the worrisome rise in Coronavirus cases

Following the daily rise in confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria and the eventual decision to relax lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun, which has in turn precipitated other states to tow the line, the call for thorough investigation of the pandemic has increased across board.

The National Publicity Secretary, People’s Democratic Party Youth Alliance, PDPYA, Dr Emeka Kalu has, in a statement personally signed and made available to the press, urged the Federal Government to, as a matter of national concern and emergency, investigate the remote cause of the daily report we receive concerning skyrocketing new cases at a time it is supposed to be abating.

“I see this as worrisome that after exercising over one month or two of lockdown to contain spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria, the results we get after relaxing of the lockdown is like we actually used those periods to incubate it rather than control it.

“This is a condition that should worry every Nigerian. I call on the Federal Government to investigate why the numbers are increasing by day instead of reducing, how exactly are these numbers obtained? Are we really doing anything to control it or is the work of NCDC only to real out numbers to Nigerians on daily basis?.

“These are questions we need to start finding answers to. Are these number real or cooked up to serve a particular purpose? If they’re are real, what is the Federal Government doing to ensure that the words of Melinda Gates do not come to pass in Nigeria? These are pertinent questions we need to ask ourselves and provide answer to, in all sincerity if we must survive this danger as a nation” he said.

Dr Kalu, who is also the Director General of Global Initiative for Good Governance, insisted that the handlers of this situation in Nigeria are making Nigeria citizens doubt the existence of COVID-19, which is a very delicate situation that will make containing the outbreak more challenging.

“Let the Federal Government carry out a thorough investigation and tell Nigerians exactly what we are dealing with”, he concluded.

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