Uwazuruike should mind freedom fighting and leave Wike to govern – Kalu

The Director General of Global Initiative for Good Governance, Dr Emeka Kalu has adviced Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, the career freedom fighter and leader of MASSOB (BIM) faction, to as a matter of priority concentrate on his means of livelihood, which is freedom fighting and allow elected leaders to protect their people in the best way they can because leadership and activism are two different ball games.

He said that Nigeria is living in difficult times of fighting against Coronavirus Pandemic threatening our existence and so it takes the right experience, actions and reactions, especially when it comes to making the though decisions, to keep a society in check.

He averred that, attacking Governor Wike for taking actions that has been sanctioned by Rivers State Aseembly is a sign that Chief Uwazuruike does not understand the intricacies of leadership to the level of being a state governor or he is mistaking this cadre of leadership to be running an illegal group of brainwashed few.

“No! this is a different ball game. When you understand the meaning of an “executive order” as was exercised by Gov Wike, you will know that it is to the best interest of the people. It is true you may see the measure as extreme or harsh, but tell me how a state Governor can put some recalcitrant fellows like Osaroejiji in check if not to send a signal that will serve as deterrent even in the future, especially to others?

“The worst thing that can happen to a state or nation is to have a weak leader in charge in times of great challenge like now. When it happens, the entire citizens becomes vulnerable to the whims and caprices of the daredevil few. Therefore Uwazuruike has no moral rights to question the decisions emanating from “Executive Order” exercised in the interest of the people” Dr Kalu explained.

He also said that bringing nepotism to the action of Wike is a bad precedence from a man that claim to fight for freedom of Igbo people or any people at that, stating that he is trying to understand what point to score or gains to acquire by uttering statements that will divine the Igbo people of the hinterland and their brothers in the Riverine areas.

“It is unfortunate for Chief Ralph Uwazuruike to try and pitch the Igbos and their Riverine brothers against each other with his utterances over a civil matter of the Rivers State.
What aims, what goal, what gain is he trying to achived by that?

“I will continue to suggest he desist from commenting on matters of governance and face freedom fighting for which he is experienced and known for. Seeking opportunity at getting relevance again by attacking Wike will not help him in any way because this is not time for paying attention to irrelevances.

“Nigeria is at a precarious state, every steps being taken by Government both at state and federal levels to keep the people safe are yielding results. We as Nigerians should respect them, shun political stunt for relevance and comply to safety instructions or be sorry” he said.

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