Covid-19, the monster, the myth, albeit, the realties – Kalu

The hitherto negative realities of the effect of coronavirus on Nigerians and the world cannot be overemphasized, especially the harsh effects on the economy and survival index of Nigeria masses, vis-avis, the lockdown that has taken its toll on the people.

The facts and realities are such that the fear of the virus seems to be more scary only because some orders and enforcement accompanied it to wit, but the case remains that the effect on the masses is more scary and deadly considering the prevailing side effects and harsh conditions thereof.

By acts of commission or ommission, the Nigeria government had through politics, presented COVID-19 as monster without noose. In as much as we agree with the reality of existence of the pandemic, many actions of the handlers raises question of whether Nigerian version of the virus is different from the ones in other climes. I will expatiate.

Abinitio, the question on the lips of Nigerians was the methods being employed to treat and discharge people said to had been tested and confirmed positive at a point that the rest of the world even had not clue to cure. But that was one part.

Few weeks after the devastating lockdown, Governors Yahaya Bello of Kogi and Ben Ayede of Akwa Ibom States began to throw spanners in the works of NCDC by disproving alleged confirmed cases even to the extent that Yamaha Bello surreptitiously acquired his own test kids, tested 111 patients who returned negative even when NCDC kept insisting that there were COVID-19 cases in Kogi State. That was when I began to smell myth.

Since then, the same Governor has continued to call on NCDC to demarket COVID-19 to save our economy and the masses from the pangs of hunger and collapse. Then one begins to wonder it “Nigeria Coronavirus” is a commodity of the highest bidder?

Albeit, many testimonies from discharged recovered patients points to the fact that they did not suffer from any Coronavirus but were merely treated of malaria and discharged. Chief Dakposi and his family are known good examples.

The confirmation by President Donald Trump of using HydroChloroquine as prevention and fight against COVID-19 brings to fore, the question of “what is actually the motives behind what Nigerians had passed through as a result of the monster raised, nurtured and unleashed upon the people in the name of fear? “

Haven experienced the Monster, known the myth and seen the realities, I think this is time to allow Nigerians to move on and save what is left of our dwindling economy.

Chief Dr Emeka Kalu,
Writes from Abuja, Nigeria

By admin

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