PDP and the strategy for winning Edo, Anambra and Ondo revealed

Faced by the realistic challenges of Coronavirus pandemic which has almost put the overall activities of the human race to a halt. The greater reality remains that this is a phase Nigeria will pass just like every other nation to come out stronger and better resolved.

The National Publicity Secretary of the PDP Youth Alliance, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu has always maintained that Nigeria cannot rest their oars in the search for true change, notwithstanding the myriad of challenges, he believes there’s a greater cause ahead that every believer in the Nigeria project must always put eyes on.

According to Dr Kalu, charity begins at home with the PDP family as the party is not planning to just go out there and win, but to offer the much needed quality leadership that has been lacking to date, and to achieve that, he insist that the PDP must scrutinizing’ly scout for their very best because the need to replace failed leadership should be with the very best.

Dr Emeka who is also the Director General of Global Initiative for Good Governance, said that every strategy is already in place in PDP to separate the men from the boys.

“I have always said this, and I will say it again. 2023 and beyond is not just going to be an ordinary year, it will be a time of ultimate decision as a people, a deciding moment that would determine the progress and stability of Nigeria and therefore no stone will he left unturned.

“2023 will be a time when we must put our feet on the ground and insist on only the best to take Nigeria out of the woods and the crusade have already started in PDP” he said.

Further explaining, Dr Kalu said that the People’s Democratic Party, intend to organize debates, symposiums and interactive times that will expose the candidates to the electorates and reawaken political consciousness to facilitate choosing the best that would fly the party’s flag and defeat their opponents on basis of merit. He said that Edo, Anambra and Ondo will be a good catalyst to test the realities 2023.

“Nigeria has remained the way it is because we have, as a nation, continued to allow mediocrity to reign over meritocracy and this is a trend Nigerians must come together to stop if we really intend to make headway and find our way out of the woods we now walk.

“PDP is ready to lead the way by promising Nigerians that only the best out of our many will be allowed to emerge through thorough scrutiny. Nigeria have been in this wilderness of ineptitude and maladministration for too long.

“In no distant time, PDP will roll out programs and activities in our anchor states and all will be geared towards restoring the hope in a greater Nigeria rooted on unity, peace and progress”.

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