Another boy killed in Police’s attempt to enforce Curfew in Anambra State.

There is ongoing Riot at Enugwu Ukwu in Anambra State at Ezi Elias axis of the town blocked.

Police has been shooting, trying to disperse rioting youths of Enugwu Ukwu.

The issue:
A boy, a barber apprentice, an only son from Adagbe Avomimi village of Enugwu Ugwu was heading home from work yesterday around few minutes past 8, and men of police force from Nimo unit chased him until he was knocked down by a moving vehicle.

We have lost about three youths in Anambra State in the name of enforcing lockdown and its related policies.

Officially, we have not recorded any Coronavirus related death in Anambra State, but we have had about three deaths from police enforcement concerning lockdown/Curfew directives in the state.

Don’t some of these our police men deserves extra training on enforcement of civil orders?

Are they smoking weed while on duty or what?

‘Ndia, fa ana esedi afifia na iru oru fa?’

I have NEVER been a fan of this CURFEW thing in the name of fighting CoVid-19 and i have said it time without number.


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