PDP Coalition, Atikulated Agenda, welcome Gov Obaseki to home of Democrats

The foremost Atiku Support Group in 2019, Atikulated Agenda Worldwide and PDPCo, joyfully congratulate and welcome His Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki (GGO) to the family of renowned democrats, the PDP as he refuses to bow to pressure of “godfatherism” in his discharge of duty to the good people of Edo State.

Indeed, this is a strong mesaage and signs that all hope is not lost for Nigerians, even as the push for true change to get Nigeria working again has continued to gain momentum against 2023. This is a message that it is not going to be business as usual.

We therefore salute His Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki ‘s resolve to liberate the good people of Edo State from the shackles of the wicked and arrogant-self-serving-godfathers who have continued to plunder, pillage and squander the future of Nigeria in white-coated lies that has pushed us back to stone age within a short time.

The PDPCo and AAW, wish to reiterate our enthusiasm and full support in this bold step to literate Edo State and other States in Nigeria from ineptitude. It takes a courageous man to stare tyranny in the face and call its bluffs and Obeseki has proven to be a man of courage, we are solidly behind you.

Once again we say congratulations and welcome to the party of true Democrats and progressives.

Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu

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