Having a qualified man to steer Nigeria in 2023 is only way out – Kalu

There’s a common African adage that “where a child is crying and pointing at, either the mother or the father is there”, this is why, for a long time now, far before 2019 General Elections where I strongly supported the candidacy of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to become the President of Nigeria, I really made a case to back my convictions and I am still here insisting that the believe that resurrected that faith has not died, it never wavers either.

It will be a great disservice to our great nation if we continue to place her on the scale of tribalism and mediocrity at the expense of merit and experience. This is the only mistake that has kept Nigeria on her knees since independence, that’s the only monster we have to fight and defeat to move Nigeria forward.

This conviction is based on genuine believe in the reality that Nigeria can be fixed. Nigeria can get working again when we have the right leaders at the helms of her affairs, this is where experiences of men like Alhaji Atiku in leadership comes in.

We must not at this point give up on the endless possibilities of a better Nigeria when a man like Atiku is allowed to bring his wealth of experience to bear on harnessing our potentials. Our economy can always be salvaged and the fortunes turned around to favour us.

I will continue to maintain that Nigerians should not allow the propaganda of media trial confuse us. We must see the Leader, the Democrat, the Bureaucrat, the man with economic and managerial capacity all rolled into one man for sake of turning Nigeria around. He stood out during Obasanjo’s administration, he’s even got better with time.

Let me reemphasize that Nigeria at this moment don’t need just any leader as our problem is not rooted on zoning or tribe, but on choosing the right man for the job. I also still maintain that we need a man with the capabilities and capacity to snatch the power from the cabals, the puvayors of our collective wealth, and hand it back to the people.

Supporting Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as President in 2023 is creating greater chance for restructuring and youths in politics. Nigeria needs a President that will be for all Nigerians to unite all Nigerians as our progress rests on our unity.

Chief Dr Emeka C. Kalu
DG, Global Initiative for Good Governance (GIGG)

By admin

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