NEMA writes to Governors over imminent flood

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has warned 102 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in 28 states in the country of high probable flood risk this year.

AVM Muhammadu Mohammed, the Director-General of NEMA, raised the alert at a news conference on the agency’s plan for the ‘2020 Flood Preparedness, Mitigation and Response’, on Friday in Abuja.

Mohammed said that 275 LGAs in the 36 states of the country, including the Federal Capital Territory, are among the areas within the moderately probable flood risk areas.

According to him, the remaining 397 LGAs, however, fall within the low probable flood risk areas, NAN reports.

He stated that the predictions were expected to have impacts on various sectors, including agriculture, water resources, health, transport and infrastructure.

Mohammed added that the agency has begun steps to mitigate any likely impacts of the flood.
“We have constituted a committee to lead the national preparedness, mitigation and response to 2020 flood.

He disclosed that letters have also been written to inform all state governors, indicating the LGAs that may be affected by the flood.

According to him, the agency also suggested proactive mitigation measures that are expected to be taken.

“We have started public enlightenment campaign using the radio, TV Jingles, social media and so on, targeting vulnerable communities to undertake mitigation actions and prepare for evacuation to safer ground.

“We have also stock pilled relief materials, food and non-food items, that will be needed in providing succour to people that may be affected,” he added.

He. however, advised Nigerians to ensure that they take all precautionary measures to avoid flooding and ensure that their drainages were well cleared at all times.

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