SK Mbuga’s wife Vivienne reveals why she’s still married despite constant beatings

  • Accusses husband of domestic violence

UGANDA: Jalia Vivienne Mbuga has cried out for help following the constant domestic violence that her husband Sulaiman Kabangala aka SK Mbuga has subjected her to.

Besides the domestic violence, Vivienne said that her jealous husband hacked into her private Instagram page which forced her to open a new account.

“Stop domestic violence. Since you hacked into my Instagram account, hack in this one too” she said on social media on Sunday.

Vivienne noted that despite the hard life she is subjected to; she is still married to Mbuga out of fear that another woman can enter into her matrimony home to enjoy her hard work.

“Sometimes women stay with dysfunctional partner out of fear that the next woman will reap out of the hard work she put in, nope.,” she said.

This couple have had very many troubles with the hand of law as they have been accused of fake gold deals and money laundering. Its alleged that the couple has hustled through thick and thin to accumulate their wealth and probably it’s the reason why they are still together despite having many marital problems.

Recently, it was said that Vivienne found love in singer Grenade Official during the period when Mbuga was in jail in Dubai, however the former denied the allegations.

Patrick Xander, Uganda Correspondence

By admin

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