Buhari’s; No Longer A Government, Just A Hushpuppi Arrangement, Nigerians The Victims

The National Cordinator, People’s Democratic Party Coalition, PDPCo, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has discribed as international shame, unprecedented, shameless, unrepentant and arrogant for the manner with which our nation has been raped, bastardised and plundered which has reached it’s crescendo of recent, yet there’s no sign that Buhari/APC-Led Government has any tangible plans to tackle the smelly corruption they’re enjoying, not even a respite is near.

In a press statement signed by Comr Amos Kalu, his media and publicity aide, Chief Dr Kalu expressed disappoinment over the present state of Nigeria, saying he is more ashamed that these stealings, plundering and embezzling with rectless abandon is coming from a man taunted so much to be in the same level with “Integrity” personified, and who prided so much about the zeal to fight corruption.

“Years have gone now, apart from hunting opposition and relooting every loot, who among his cronies have been punished for corruption, let alone jailed? It is a situation of turn by turn under Buhari, a systematic redefinition of what we now know as corruption.

“Look at what is happening to our dear Nation as this administration have engulfed themselves in hyper level of corruptions.
Right now we experience the highest level of Robbery with Pen umder watch of a man fighting corruption. The Armed robbers and these individuals are the same and they all deserve to rot in jail.

“What we have now is Oficial Hushpuppism where the masses are the victims and I say, if this administration wants to at least save their embattled integrity, the NDDC man who gave himself parliatives of N1.4 billion and the Minister for Niger Delta, Akpabio who said they have 400 accounts but cannot tell what they have done with all the funding and also how they have been awarding contracts to themselves in the NASS, should be held accountable for once. This is nothing but a Hushpuppy arrangements and style of theft pretending to be serving the country.

“We need to do something now otherwise posterity will judge us all harshly. How could we be so wicked to squander money when the masses keep dying in abject poverty, worse being the condition of the Niger Delta Region on whose behalf this money draining pipes were set up.

“As for the Magu case, I really don’t believe that anything will come out of it because most top officials were also compromised and these are worrisome because you cannot jail just Magu without bringing down the entire culprits.

“Look at the lickage attributed to AG of the federation, what kind of a mess have we gotten ourselves into? This is no longer a government but simply an avenue for personal aggrandizement.

“Nigeria is at the brim of collapse if nothing is done before the eyes of international world. We have so much lost our value that even Niger Republic is deporting Nigerians when our government is fighting so hard to secure free lands for them in the name of grazing, what a twist of fate?

“This is Huspuppy Government that we see here, and we keep blaming others when the entire government is entangled with pen bandicts.

“Buhari should prove critics wrong by bringing one of his thieves to book and save us from this window dressing”. He concluded.

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