Killing of aid workers tragic, sad -Shehu Sani

A former Kaduna Central district Senator, Shehu Sani has strongly condemned the killing of aid workers by Biko Haram insurgents in Borno State.

OHAFIA-TV News reported that the aid workers were kidnapped by Boko Haram Terrorists on June 20th and were executed on Wednesday.

In a video released by the armed group while executing the humanitarian workers, the terrorists said they executed the abducted aid workers living in their custody for a month in Borno state, having exhausted the days given for the ransom.

Reacting, Shehu Sani described the execution as ‘sad and tragic.’

He, therefore, called for the protection of all aid workers in the country.

“The execution of the five aid workers by the insurgents is sad and tragic. It’s a serious set back to the humanitarian intervention in the North East.

“Aid Workers must be protected & rescued by all means in times of trouble. May their souls Rest In Peace. Amin,” he said.

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