COVID-19 vaccines: Bill Gates opens up on trying to reduce world population

Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, has debunked claims that he had a hand in the creation of the deadly global pandemic, COVID-19.

There are some conspiracy theories accusing the billionaire of creating the coronavirus outbreak.

Even here in Nigeria, some clerics had pointed accusing fingers at the business tycoon.

Most recently, the founder of the Household of God Church, Pastor Chris Okotie, had said that COVID-19 is a grand plan to reduce the population of the world.

He said Gates, was leading a conspiracy to destabilize the global economy and carry out a “satanic agenda” against the church.

He had said, “There’s a man who is the protagonist of this whole process that we’re seeing today. His name is Bill Gates.”

But appearing on CNN on Thursday, Gates said, “It’s a bad combination of pandemic and social media and people looking for a very simple explanation.”

The business mogul noted his foundation has provided more funds to buy vaccines to save lives around the world than any other.

“So you just turn that around. You say, ok, we’re making money and we’re trying to kill people with vaccines or by inventing something,” he added.

“And at least it’s true, we’re associated with vaccines, but you actually have sort of flipped the connection.”

Bill Gates lamented that the wide spreading conspiracies may generate to “vaccine hesitancy.”

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