Kalu Extols President Buhari for recent attempts to burst corruption, encourages him to focus on NNPC

Recent exposures, intrigues and revelations of the monumental corruption going on under the administration of President Mohammadu Buhari has been discribed as novel by many Nigerians, vis-a-vis, as it has become a tool of ridicule and stain on the image of Nigeria as a nation both locally and internationally.

In a statement personally signed by the National Coordinator, People’s Democratic Party Coalition, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has extoled PMB for the bold step being taken so far to probe certain departments and officers laden with responsibilities of administration and accountability, and therefore encourage that the exercise should not be an effort in futility like others before it.

Chief Kalu recalls that even before the Magu-Gate came into light, there had been issues of fraud in other Agencies, including the monumental revelation of alleged sales and diversion of over $2.5Billion proceed of Bonny Light Oil in China, as investigation by point blank news exposed, a case of which to date is still shrouded in secrecy and no explanation. He said it is long overdue that Nigerians should be intimated on exactly what happened since the persons pointed at are all still alive.

“We are demanding that the probe goes round as there should be no sacred cows in the issue of corruption. NNPC has operated like a secret club or personal business in the past 5 years with no accountability and knowledge of the people of Nigeria as to what goes up there in terms of income or expenditure. This is the time to let us in a little as a government fighting corruption.

“I am encouraging the National Assembly, especially, the Senate to, as a matter of responsibility to Nigerians, investigate these shameful and wicked fraudulent activities and bring the people up to speed with what has really happened with our collective wealth. We must not pay lips service to corruption fight when in actual sense corruption seems to be the one fighting us while we maintain criminal silence.

In the same vein, Chief Kalu said that with what has been exposed in NDDC, more probe needs to be done because it is clear that every department under Buhari has been operating in isolation without proper monitoring and accountability to the people.

“If this searchlight is beamed on NNPC, FIRS, and other agencies, Nigerians will understand that what we are witnessing is a child’s play when it comes to real fraud and embezzlement of public fund because for NNPC not to be accountable to Nigerians for 5 years is a sign that the rot is too decayed and inglorious. Let the investigation into $2.5Billion Illegal Oil Sales be a sign of good will to the people, the only action that will prove to Nigerians that Buhari is in no way complicit to these illegalities as any thing short of that will amount to good radiance to bad rubbish.

“In the same vein, Nigerians are patiently waiting for the outcome of the probes that are already in place while expecting President Buhari to do the needful and save the face of his administration in corruption fight by ensuring that all this brouhaha do not end in window dressing exercise where Nigerians end up as usual with ‘the more you look, the less you see’ kind of nerves relaxer that has characterized corruption figft since 2015” he said.

“We are patiently waiting for the outcome EFCC and NDDC probe” he concluded.

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