Philanthropy beyond measures; Dr. Okwun Ojah stood to be counted.

There is no better way to express your love and care for people than philanthropy. Priscilla Chan captured it succinctly when she opined that “philanthropy is a fancy way to say that you care about others and that you want to serve others.”

No one teaches philanthropy, it has to come from the heart and gives some level of fulfilment and satisfaction to the giver.

I made it a duty to visit my village in Amaekpu Ohafia more often, to follow up activities in the community. I have some couple of friends who I share time with, memories of our adventures ; going to stream together, running under the rain etc..Such good memories of togetherness and friendship. It’s difficult these day to find youths engaged in those activities. Many of them have moved to Urban cities in search of greener pastures. The migration has left our Streams desolate and most times, it’s difficult to get through the mucky and bumpy roads to those tourist sites because no one seem to pay much attention. Majority of the streams are close to farm lands. They present good proximity to farmers.

It was in the course of such discussion that I learnt of Dr. Okwun Ojah from my Village. He had undertaken a huge project to connect two communities of Amaekpu and Amangwu Ohafia.

I had asked the reason behind the recent level of human congestion witnessed in our Nkwo market, and was told that Dr. Ojah opened up a better access road for our neighbors from Amangwu to bring in more farm produce with vehicles and tricycles. With such access, it’s more reasonable and economically viable to plant more, produce more and sell more. The value chain has just increased with more persons getting involved in the trading activity.

Another beauty to behold is a modern edifice of their compound at Ndi Umuozio with his name boldly engraved. The building with a fine architectural touch was improved from downstairs to a more befitting upstairs to create room for an e-library. About 10 – 11 laptops have been installed with a giant power generating set. The e-library will become a great avenue for youths to acquire knowledge in e-commerce and other related electronic skills. More questions revealed that Dr.Ojah is a Medical Doctor in far away Australia. He has over 8 degrees to his credit including Law. You must be a genius to combine Medicine & Surgery and Law. Two distinct yet prominent disciplines.

In same philanthropic spirit, Dr./Barr. Okwun Ojah moved a step further, volunteered to rebuild one of the Nigerian police Area command office in Ebem Ohafia which was utterly burnt down by irate youths in response to the killing of one Mr. Ifeanyi Arunsi by a police officer in Ebem Ohafia. He also donated #300,000 to the family of late Ifeanyi Arunsi.

My community has lost count of his monetary donations each time there is a community need. He gave out palliative supports to many villages in the forms of bags of rice, hand sanitisers etc to cushion the effect of hunger mad economic challenges occasioned by Civid19 pandemic.

He has provided clean water at different sites in Amaekpu Ohafia and other communies such as Akanu, Ebem Ohafia, Elu, Okagwe, Isiukwuato etc with other communities in prospect.

Dr. Ojah must have a divine insight to understand the role sports have played so far in our unity as a people. Margate Wheatley had us in mind when she posited that “there is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about”. Dr. Ojah has commenced the rehabilitation and resurfacing of the dilapidated play field of Ofali Agwu School. Village “cup” competition this year will be fantastic even to spectators who will watch with excitement the free flow of the round leather due to this development. He aims to empower our youths through sports as well as organise a football competition at the venue for Amaekpu youths.

In the words of Scott King “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” Therefore, Dr.Ojah should be commended by every well meaning Ohafian and Abian in general.

His Philosophy is “Creating the greatest help and the greatest good for the greatest number of people.”

Ikechukwu Iroha writes from Amaekpu Ohafia.

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