The Intrigues and desperation of dying men wishing to drawn Edo with them

Sad and helpess as Nigerians appear as we watch the impunity and APC misuse of Federal Might playing out in Edo State, one begins to wonder how and when Nigeria descended into this level of lawlessness under a supposed Democratic Rule.

The People’s Democratic Party Coalition National Coordinator, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has said that most the reasonable thing to do at this point is for INEC to withdraw the Certificate of Returns of the those APC lawmakers who have not been properly sworn in according to the law, saying that these lawmakers who were not sworn in by Obaseki few days ago met in a private residence and suspended the lawmakers who were sworn in by the governor, including the Speaker and elected their own Speaker.

“APC has turned Democracy and rule of law into highest bidders’ affair at the expense of the masses. They have made nonsense of Democratic process in their blind desperation and display of Federal Might, a blatant abuse of power to an extent of naked force.

“Haven lost relevance at the central politics, Adams Oshiomhole is desperately clawing at everything to survive, even if it means bringing down the Peace of Edo State to stay afloat. This manner of political bitterness must be condemned intoto, while we count on INEC to help checkmate this impunity.

“The business of Edo State Assembly can not be conducted in any man’s kitchen. We need to do the right thing to prevent the looming danger of APC culculated anarchy intent to be loosed upon a peaceful state.

“We also frown at the action of the IGP sending troop of policemen to take over the Assembly, possibly to help the Oshiohmhole’s lawmakers to meet and possibly impeach Obaseki. This is a situation that is capable of plunging Edo State into deeper political crisis. We expect the authority to stand for peace rather than to take sides in this unfortunate political tussle to save the masses the pains of a breakdown of order” Kalu advised.

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