Udoeze raises alarm as SARS arrest his brother Uchechi, kills his visitor, burnt their House.

A Nigeria Citizen is Aba, Abia State has lamented over alleged unlawful arrest, detention and intentional razing of his brother’s house with fire by men of the Nigeria Police Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS over yet to be revealed accusations.

In a telephone conversation with OHAFIA-TV News, Udoeze Agwu Kalu expressed worry that the only possible reason the SARS are denying arresting Uchechi is possibly to equally execute him to cover their track of the first murder.

According to his narrative, SARS operatives led by one EDET from Azuka Police Station, Ogbor-Hill Aba, arrested and detained his brother, murdered his visitor and burnt down his house, but have denied him of access to his brother as they are denying ever arresting him.

“On Tuesday the 11th day of August, 2020, I received a call from one of my cousins living in Aba, that my brother Uchechi Agwu Kalu, had just been arrested by SARS operatives. I tried to find out what the problem was but he couldn’t tell me, rather he referred me to the SARS office. The next call I received was that the same SARS operatives came back, broke into my brothers house and burnt it to the ground. They also shot his visitor Ndubuisi to death.

“When I rushed down to Aba, I met my cousin, Emeka Obasi who was an eyewitness to the whole drama and he narrated everything to me. My cousin happened to live with my brother. He said that the SARS officials fired more than 50 shots into the house as they raided it. I asked him why they did not take him (Emeka) and he said that he convinced them that he was a visitor from Calabar and did not know anything about the matter. He managed to escaped through the back door as the gunshots started.

“They shot the visitor and carried him away with my brother. Later they came back and burnt my brother’s house down. I went to Azuka police Station, Ogbor-Hill and met one officer by name Ikechukwu Egbulonu, he is one of the SARS operatives who arrested my brother.

“At first he agreed that he was among the team that arrested my brother and also accepted that my brother was in the cell. Later he made a phone call, after the phone call, he became very aggressive and suddenly did a U-Turn to deny ever knowing who my brother was. When I requested to see my brother, he replied that such a person had never been brought to this station.

“This made me to have an exchange of word with him and told him that if they have murdered my brother I will not keep quiet.

“My cousin Emeka told me that the team of SARS operatives that carried out the raid comprised of officers Edet, Ikechukwu Egbulonu, and another one Officer called yellow who rides a Motorcycle and others”.

Udoeze said that he is crying out to the world to see how SARS are killing Innocent people in Aba. He is also calling on the Police Authorities to prevail on Azuka Police Station to reveal the whereabouts of Uchechi Agwu Kalu and explain to the public why they killed his visitor, Ndubuisi.

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