OPINION: When Will the PDP Lead a Protest?

I have seen posts asking why the people who protested in 2011 are not protesting now.

Well, what is stopping the PDP, a major opposition party, from leading a protest for others to join?

What has the PDP done as an opposition party to foster the little pockets of protests that have taken place so far?

The protests under GEJ were fueled and bankrolled by the APC. Protest do not just happen, they are fueled.

From Libya to Egypt, Syria, Venezuela, even Zimbabwe and recently in the US, protests are fuelled by political interests. Even those started by ordinary citizens are sustained by political interests.

The PDP should live up to its expectations as an opposition party. The press releases are not working. Mobilize the Nigerian people to occupy the streets until this government sits up and work for the interest of the Nigerian people.

A Soyinka or a Pat Utomi would never have had enough guts to match in the streets if a Tinubu, El Rufai and Co did not speak up and join.

What happened when Tuface Idibia wanted to start a protest? While he was being intimidated by the DSS fueled by the government, how much backing did he get from the opposition forces apart from media rhetoric? After he rescinded his decision, we were all online bashing him but forgot that courage sometimes has to be fueled and it will have to go beyond media rhetoric to assure anyone sticking out his neck that this risk is worth it.

Media conferences and press releases are just shadows to act like the party is doing the work of an opposition.

Buhari/APC in protest against Jonathan in 2014.

The APC gave Jonathan a fight from the local media to the social media, international media and fueled physical protests. It was so tough, the wife of the then president, Dame Patience Jonathan, broke down and cried on national TV.

Even the then president, an Ijaw man for that matter, was publicly shaken by these pressures.

On Twitter and Facebook, the APC funded little voices of opposition until they became loud voices which others hinged on to oppose the PDP government. They did not only fund them with money, they were armed with privileged information that were used against the PDP government.

Even in the face of these unfavorable government policies, Buhari and his cohorts are so comfortable disrupting the Nigerian growth with unchallenged impetus yet we have a so called opposition party that mirages as the largest political party in Africa.

Except Wike, how many PDP governors have dared to challenge the federal government on one issue? I mean just one issue.

The only reason a major political party will not lead a protest in the face of unfavorable difficulties orchestrated by the government against its people is if they (the opposition party) are either a part of the problem or benefitting from it.

So stop the blame game and be an Opposition for once.

By admin

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