Edward Kalu Okocha Purchases Form For Ohafia L.G.A Chairmanship Contest, States Mission


At this very auspicious/historic moment, I, Edward Kalu Okocha, do solemnly declare my ambition to contest for the Chairmanship position of Ohafia LGA.

Permit me to sincerely and most humbly crave your indulgence/solicit for your unalloyed support.

Considering the peculiarities and uniqueness of Ohafia LGA, it is expedient that we carry out a total regeneration of all the values and oddities that makes us unique. That will mean putting the infrastructural concern and human capital re-engineering and redevelopment as a key agenda.

Edward Kalu Okocha

We are aware that generally, every where, quality and productive education is now a challenge. The consequent effect of this is colossal to our society. We will therefore be deliberate in every decisions and action we take, to make sure that every single move is geared toward regenerating our educational system, within the capacity and limit of our powers, to strengthen the system for efficacy, quality and productive education.

One of our core/passionate mandate shall be to galvanize the exuberant propensities of all the YOUTHS of Ohafia LGA. We know Ohafia youth have peculiar and unique oddities and propensities that need to be regenerated to maximize our human capital growth and development. We will do this through adopting a deliberate style, engagement and platform where the Young and Agile will positively express their creativity and talents. The result will be targeted to up our youth involvement in positive things than otherwise. We will build a consensus that “BUILD THE YOUTHS, YOU BUILD THE NATION” , and ” PRESERVE THE OLD/EXPERIENCE, PRESERVE YOUR VALUES”.

Edward Kalu Okocha obtaining Ohafia LGA Chairmanship form

We are convinced that it is easy to make Ohafia great again. All it takes is clear cut direction, commitment, prudence and engagement; gradually, steadily/consistently and deliberately pursuing the REGENERATION agenda.

Going forward, I shall begin a series on this platform tagged “OHAFIA REGENERATION”. In this interactive series, I shall make known to you our comprehensive Agenda of repositioning Ohafia to its amiable status.

I am poised and prepared physically, spiritually, and mentally to do this job, at this time. Therefore, I humbly urge all the PDP Statutory and Party Excos at the Wards and LGA, to unanimously elect me as the Standard Flag bearer of our great party PDP, for the scheduled 19th December Local Government Elections in Abia State.

God bless Ohafia LGA
God bless Abia State
God bless Nigeria

Yours in Service,
Edward Kalu Okocha


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