Rebuttal: The vain attempt to smeer reputation of Sen Mao Ohuabunwa, unacceptable.

The attention of Forum for Abia Enlightened Youths (FABEY), has been drawn to a libecious, damaging and dangerous publication on Facebook by one “Spartan Arinze” with intent to smear and assassinate the character of Distinguished Senator Moa Ohuabunwa for no cogent reason.

As a matter of concern, it is uncertain at this point to aduce the intent behind this deliberate attempt, and the persons behind such petty act of perilous, dastardly and wicked tantrums towards a reputable personality as Senator Mao Ohuabunwa, albeit, naysayers and political gangsterism, brigandry, to wit; intent to defame and score cheap political goals.

But we wish to state categorically that we would not fold our hands to watch some unscrupulous elements defame a respectable personality like Senator Mao on any guise and shade, and therefore warn vehemently that the said Spartan Arinze, (whose Facebook account published the libecious article) should as a matter of remorse, tender an unreserved apology to the person of Distinguished Senator Mao Ohuabunwa or face legal actions that FABEY may deem neccessary to tow as we will not relent to use and exhaust all legal means at our disposal to seek justice against Spartan Arinze and his sponsors/co-travellers.

For avoidance of doubt, Senator Mao Ohuabunwa is a known personality around Nigeria and in the political terrain, and we state unequivocally that he had at no point in his political and/or individual career been indicted or accused of any illegality whatsoever. Therefore this gullible attempt to smeer his name will be resisted, challenged and fought to a standstill.

To put the record straight, THE HOUSE AND THE CARS DOES NOT BELONG to Senator Mao Ohuabunwa as alleged in the FAKE NEWS video.

We therefore advise Spartan Arinze to pull down the viral video, tender his apology to Senator Mao Ohuabunwa within 48hours of this publication or face the consequences of his actions.

Comrade Jeremiah Okoronkwo-chukwu (President General, FABEY)

Amb. Solomon Onwudibe (Secretary General, FABEY)

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