Reset Nigeria Group leader calls for urgent action to salvage the nation.

Following series of consultations and pragmatic efforts of a group of concerned citizens of Nigeria who have taken it upon themselves to ensure they rally many that still believe in the possibility of a great future for the country, the Founder and National Coordinator RESET NIGERIA GROUP, Chief Earl Osaro Oniwu, has made a clarion call for every patriotic Nigerian, especially the leaders to join hands in these efforts to salvage Nigeria and save her from collapse.

Chief Osaro Oniwu insisted that the major reason why Nigeria have deteriorated to almost point of “No Return” is because many people who should’ve invested interest in the affairs of running the nation ended up leaving everything in the hands of the politicians with “I don’t care attitude” because they are comfortable, whereas their inaction has caused a situation where the government through inarticulate actions caused pains to the masses which in turn create bigger problems for those that are not politicians. I think this is wrong.

I think this is time for non politicians to begin to show interest in how our nation is run, hence the birth of this noble Group.

For a long time Nigerians have allowed themselves to be played along ethnic and religious line which has kept us marking time for 60 years because we have enthroned mediocrity over meritocracy while sacrificing our progress on the alter of ineptitude, this is very wrong and it is within our power to speak out against this anomaly to salvage our nation.

We have seen eras of these evil omens of tribalism, now is time to scout for our leaders based on merit and I am out to lead a team of patriotic reformists to RESET NIGERIA for our own good and the future of our generation to come.

The EndSARS protest experience have brought many of us out of the shell and we are not relenting until the yearnings of the masses that caused the lives of many youths and many uniformed men who only signed up to serve their fatherland are met. The best and only gift we can give to them is to unite as a people to shun tribal and religious sentiments and demand for the best so that this country will not crash under us.

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