The Daniels: Good Men With Exceptional Leadership Qualities

During the time when we were still kids, we were told during Sunday School bible expositions of the genealogy of the creation of the universe, and the adventures of men with great valor, filled with wisdom and rendered relentless service to God and humanity.
These men remains point of reference to different bible scholars and the academia in describing great men with such charismatic qualities.

One of such stories were the chronicles of the life and times of four men in the bible, whose name were, DANIEL SHEDRACH, MESHACH and ABEDNEGO, but my particular interest is on one of them, DANIEL, who was exceptional and possessed more leadership skills and qualities.

DANIEL, biblically, means, “God (El) is my judge. DANIEL according to the bible was well favoured, skillful in wisdom, cunning in knowledge and understanding, and such had the ability to stand in the King’s palace.

DANIEL was humble and obedient. God honored him by raising him to positions of leadership, giving him long life, entrusting visions and dreams to him, as well as with materials. DANIEL remained undaunted despite the challenges. He never compromised his faith but stood firm while God used him to show forth His glory.

Also, in Igboland, there is this belief that your name could either mar or make you. Your name could influence your attitude either positively or negatively.
However, parents now resort to naming their child after great men in the bible with the mindset that their child will be bequeathed with those qualities as exhibited by the original bearers of the name as narrated in the bible.

There is these two men, named DANIEL by their parents, from Ututu kingdom and Abam Onyerubi who has same characteristics of DANIEL in the bible. These men were born to achieve greatness, they found really favour with God, that God decided to bring them to the forecourt of eminence, via politics and business, and ever since God took that favoured decision on them, to make one a great politician and the other, an accomplished businessman, it has been absolutely difficult for the searchlight on them to grow dim.



Prince Dan Kalu Orji, the current Executive Chairman of Arochukwu LGA is a political leviathan, a selfless grassroots mobilizer and youth oriented leader who has served meritoriously in many capacities.

Prince Dan Kalu, an illustrious son of Amaeke Abam delved into politics with altruism. He was the former Transition Committee Chairman, Aba North and Arochukwu LGAs, and now the elected number citizen of Arochukwu LGA.

As a focused, dynamic, humane and grassroot oriented politician, he has achieved good governance through effective and better representation via his accessible and transparent leadership.

Prince Dan has provided human empowerment, through employment and infrastructural development. As a humble and unassuming Politician, a committed, fearless, and a vigorous fighter for the masses, Prince Dan Kalu was nicknamed “MAN OF THE PEOPLE” by his friends and admirers who are not ignorant of his magnanimity in service to humanity.

Here comes, another DANIEL: HON. DANIEL OKEREKE

The Ututu born enigmatic son of the soil rings bell and needs no introduction. The award winning philanthropist and Entrepreneur is a business scion, a legend, and humble man to the core.

The acknowledgement of his tremendous achievements, and philantropy by his community and the entire Abians even when he is neither noisy not given to self appraisal, has further lent credence to the axiom that a golden fish has no hiding place.

Daniel Okeke is a community leader, peace advocate and an examplary family man and Entrepreneur who has through his foundation restored hope to the hopeless. Driven by his development mindset, he has embarked on so many projects to and philantopric gestures to better the lives of his people such as free eye and healthcare outreach across Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency, Construction of houses for the widows and the less privileged, payment of school fees, scholarships and bursaries to the indigent pupils and students in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, empowerment and human capital development among others.

In the face of these men’s achievements , leadership acumen under very extenuating circumstances, they have proven a modern example of the DANIEL in the bible. It is therefore pertinent and a clarion call for all and sundry to rally support to these charismatic men, accomplished statesmen, bridge builders with an inclusive leadership acumen who has the interest of the people at heart. There is need for all to cue in their lofty visions and give them all the necessary supports for the collective good of the people.

~Prince Ike Okorafor

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