My Message to Nigeria Youths as my Son Graduates in the US – Dr. Kalu

For what it is worth, the inevitability of working harder, committed and focused on the future of Nigerian youths, can never be overemphasized because it is a collective responsibility to the future generation that will take Nigeria to her promised land, and it is noteworthy that this effort is in our hands to achieve.

When I look at the present situation of Nigeria, her future, her potentials, her prospects and workability of a progressive future for her teaming youths, I shudder at the negligence and lack of well-articulated plan for the future of our youths, albeit, qualitative and standard education to prepare them against the future task of nation building, leadership and progress.

To this task, Nigeria leadership has failed her youths, education has been reduced to its lowest ebb and the future seems to be bleak for the youths as the older generation has failed to prepare them for the tasks ahead.

That notwithstanding, I am of strong conviction that all hope it not lost to a possible turn around. In as much as the system has failed to secure the future for the youths, it is important that the youths ensure that they do not fail themselves by working tirelessly to keep pushing for a better bargain in the system they are the foremost stakeholders.

The Nigerian leadership should make conscientious and continuous effort to carry the youths along as only a leader that raised responsible successors can be pass for a success leader.

To my son, Chukwuemeka Kalu, Who just graduated from Highly High School in the States, and his older brother who already graduated, I say to you as I’ve always said to other youths that this is step to another level of responsibility as leaders of tomorrow.
While I congratulate you on this great feat, I also wish to remind you that today is the bedrock of tomorrow.

I am proud of you and the Nigeria youths whose tomorrow I am sure, must be better that today.

Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu,

National Coordinator, PDPCO

By admin

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