IPOB warns Igbo political leaders: ‘It’s either you are with us or not’

IPOB Biafra

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, have vowed to declare war on all politicians and traditional rulers of Southeast extraction if its leader, Nnamdi Kanu remains incarcerated.

IPOB warned that Igbo politicians and traditional rulers will never have peace until Kanu regains freedom.

Emma Powerful, a spokesman for the group, issued the warning while rebuking Southeast leaders over their silence in the face of Kanu’s current travail.

Powerful wondered why Southeast leaders would not show solidarity towards Kanu like Northern leaders are allegedly doing towards bandits and terrorists.

In a statement signed by Powerful, the separatist group vowed to declare Southeast leaders who fail to identify with Kanu as enemies.

The statement reads: “All along IPOB has been peaceful while our members are being abducted and killed by security agents. Now they have abducted our leader and these so-called Biafran Leaders are keeping their sealed lips. It is either they stand with the people or be counted among our enemies.

“Our leader cannot be languishing in detention while these people will pretend that all is well. Their Northern counterparts are shamelessly defending Fulani bandits and terrorists rampaging communities across the country yet these weaklings cannot speak out against the injustice against their own. Enough is enough! No more sitting on the fence. Everyone must declare his/her stance now.

“As long as our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu remains incarcerated in Abuja, all the politicians from ward level to federal level including traditional rulers, stakeholders, and religious leaders will never have peace till he comes out except they wake up now.”

Following Kanu’s rearrest and incarceration, IPOB had vowed to deal with all politicians of Southeast extraction involved in Kanu’s current travail.

The group had also said Southeast politicians who fail to ensure Kanu regains freedom would be dealt with.

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