Actor Bishop Umoh (Okon Lagos) shows off his newly built mansion

The movie star took to his Instagram page on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, where he released photos and a video of the palatial home.

“Guys sometime ago, I thought it good to build me a small house, but big enough for a little more than two ( @mrs_imebishop and I ). I’m done and this is it! Be steady on your grind but pls try and make it legit. Work hard as if no amount of prayer can help and pray hard as if no amount of hard work can help,” he captioned the photos and video.

He went on to advise people not to get overwhelmed or carried away by pressure on social media to attain speedy success in life.

“Don’t get drowned by social pressure. Appearance is not reality. Take your time, pick your shots, make smart decisions. Life is a marathon and not a sprint. Be careful how you make haste towards attaining success. Yes, apply speed but know the limits. Speed kills!” he added.

“This our “little Rome” was sure not built in a day! In all, God is faithful. YHWH is the greatest! He alone drives away flies from the tailless cow! Happy New Month from all of us here at the Republic❤️🙏🏾.”

Okon Lagos is a popular Nigerian actor known for his comical characters in movies.

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