Video: FFK joined APC for stomach infrastructure, begs for an appointment.

The video of Femi-Fami Kayode entreating Abuja APC Party Chairman, Honourable Abdulmalik Usman for a possible appointment with the party has caused reactions across Nigeria’s political terrain as it has lay bay, his real intent to have joined the party he so much-loathed and smeared not long ago.

A PDP Stalwart and the convener of Global Initiative for Good Governance, Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu, has explained that only ‘stomach infrastructure’ could’ve forced a man to go back to his vomit in pursuit of self-aggrandizement and cheap gratification wherever it can be found, even if it means setting his table with men he once called evil and gave endless proves.

“When you see the manner and hypothetical impetus with which FFK now calls Buhari ‘My President’ all of a sudden, it makes you wonder how his conscience runs. Is it possible that Mr. Fani Kayode will think that PMB will ever believe him no matter what sugar he uses to coat it?

” It is clear that Femi Fani-Kayode is running after his stomach as a fair-weather politician who is in search of food and more money. In order words, his endless criticism of Buhari and vicious attacks on APC was not for the interest of Nigerians, but only to be noticed and lured over to the party he termed ‘Almajiri People Congress – APC’, the only party where EFCC case and corruption charges are wiped away and every stealing refreshed anew” he said.

Chief Dr. Kalu also emphasized the place of integrity in the effort to rescue Nigeria by her leaders, insisting that Nigeria has remained infant at 61 simply because her leaders place personal aggrandizement, wealth accumulation and lavish lifestyle above the good of the masses.

“This is a mindset we must change if we intend to stop this continued drift to implosion.

“It will not be surprised if tomorrow, FFK runs back to PDP if he didn’t get the appointment he seeks in APC. He will only tell us that he joined APC under duress. We will still believe him because here in Nigeria, everything is possible” he teased.

Kalu, therefore, advised politicians to also think about integrity and a good name in their pursuit.

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