‘Still Traumatized, But God is in control’, ODU PG reacts to Okon-Aku recent fracas.

The unfortunate events on our community especially since last week, has left many of us traumatized and hospitalized.

Preliminary report shows the wanton destruction of properties and the very strength of our pride, ethos, goodwill and historical linings that bind us together.

As shameful, dastardly, wicked, barbaric and unbelievable it could be, I join other peace loving sons and daughters of Okon-Aku Autonomous Community in condemning the unwarranted face-off and attacks. While I was away, concerted effort were made to feel the pains, the mood and impulse of the people. To those who heeded our calls for calm, understanding and resistance to fight back, I salute your uncommon spirit.
To the Nigerian Police & Army especially the 14 Brigade Command Ohafia, thank you for your intervention.

I appreciate the guidance and concern of the Ohafia Monarchs and most respectfully, all the crusaders of Peace: the group put together by the Okon-Aku leadership (made up of the various arms), the Peace Committee of OCF, Pst. Emeka Mba Kalu in particular and the Bold initiative/ surveillance system of Obichia-Aku Age grade, among others. Certainly, detailed investigation on the immediate and remote cause of the unfortunate incident shall be fully carried out. Then, a full peace and reconciliation session must be staged.

Already, we are compiling the list of things damaged and those who sustained all forms of bodily injury. The law must take it’s full course. However, I regret and sympathize with everyone and I mean every son and daughter of Okon-Aku. It is an injury, pain, loss and hurt of Okon-Aku as a community and that of her people. May such heartless thing never happen again!! Amen.

In view of the foregoing, the earlier scheduled Expanded Executive meeting, for October 16, 2021, is hereby cancelled. In a sober mood, we shall continue to consult and realign all needed peaceful space and processes and a new date for an emergency meeting will be announced soon.

We encourage everyone to remain calm, and please attempt to control yourself and your utterances, be conscious of our mutual bond, coexistence and truthful heritage. I thank God for His healing hands, deliverance and mercies. I’m fully discharged, Hale and hearty.

May God be with us. Amen.

Dr. Nmecha Umeh Kalu

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