Collin Powell’s demise, a huge loss to humanity.

It was with a heavy heart that we received the shocking news of Collin Powell’s demise on the 18th October, 2021. This was a great African American who had in several capacities worked for the political transformations and promotion of balanced international security upkeep across the globe during his service as the 65th US Secretary of State in the government of President George Bush Jr.

A four-star general who dedicated most of his life-enhancing, developing and streamlining America Military Intelligence and national defence.

As a former Secretary of State, Powell left no stone unturned in ensuring that America and other countries in the world are in a mutual diplomatic relationship especially USA- African bilateral cooperations. The gallant and valiant general had passed on but his legacies remain indelible in the golden plate of honour and excellence.

Global Initiatives For Good Governance(GIGG) sympathizes with Mr.Joe Biden and the entire people of the United States of America on the loss of the illustrious son of the land who had worked all his life sourcing how best to maintain America Security Strength. Powell was a personality to reckon with as his good antecedents would continue to refresh his name in the hearts of the global community. Courageously, take solace in the loss as it is inevitable in the life of man to be born and in time endorsed by God would surely leave this planet earth to meet and account to His Supreme Maker.The good thing being that the deceased lived a commendable life with piles of emulating legacies that generations yet unborn would continue to exemplify on.

Bodily Powell was no where to be found but posterity won’t delete him and would recyclingly colour his name on the golden screen of unforgetfulness.

Good night,The great Powell…

Chief Dr Emeka Kalu,
National Coordinator,
Global Initiatives For Good Governance.

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