18-Year-Old School Dropout who Returned N20m Found on Road Gets N4m, Scholarship, Job from the President of Liberia

An 18-year-old named Emmanuel Tuloe has become a millionaire owing to his act of honesty that has now being rewarded handsomely

The school dropout had found $50,000 (N20,543,500) belonging to a businesswoman on the road and returned it

His honest deed has caught the attention of the president who has offered him a juicy job, scholarship and N4 million

His fortunes turned around in rapid fashion thanks to his honest deed. The school dropout who makes a living as a bike rider had found $50,000 (N20,543,500) on the road and returned it.

He was said to have been showered with gifts by the owner of the huge sum who happened to be a businesswoman.

He has now bagged presidential rewards The story of his honesty went viral and got to the hearing of the President of Liberia George Weah who has now rewarded Emmanuel handsomely.

I tthink this goes to prove that although the fact of corruption being rampant in our country they are still good people and their goods deeds will always be rewarded

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