Anyim Pius, EFCC and the 2023 Witch-Hunt Game On

By Afam Jude Emeri

When on 24th October, 2021, our cyberspace was graced with news of EFCC grilling former Senate President, Chief Barr. Anyim Pius Anyim over alleged misappropriation of aviation fund at only God knows when, I tried to look beyond the facades of a veiled excuse to see a well-crafted intent to witch-Hunt potential political heavyweights of Igbo extraction.

One thing I am convinced about is that the much-celebrated antigraft body, EFCC has since lost its true purpose to become a veritable weapon in the hands of the Northern cabals to intimidate, cajole and scare southerners off their ambitions of attempting to wrestle power from the Northern bloc in 2023. Their most potential threats in this match happen to be the fearless politicians of Igbo extraction, hence the developing scenarios and show of shame we witness today.

Recall that Chief Dr Orji Uzor Kalu, former Governor of Abia State is a good ally to the North and at a point, his influence seemed to be growing astronomically before EFCC came in, hurriedly jailed him and are still on his neck dangling alleged fraud they couldn’t prove beyond every reasonable doubt, to date, he must be having the stigma of “ex-convict” hanging on his neck which has automatically ruled him out of any contest, even in the future. The bad part is that the APC club couldn’t protect him like others who has joined. He was an enemy within.

For over 6 years in a row, we have seen the meaning of corruption fighting under President Buhari and his APC brigade, and we are certain that EFCC is never after justice for Nigeria or Nigerians, but only after opposition and perceived threat to their misrule, hence the attempt to rubbish Barr. Anyim Pius Anyim and clear the ground for another Northern candidate because they believe that ruling Nigeria is their Allah-given birthright.

But let’s face the truth, in a country like Nigeria where every machinery like EFCC, Military, Police, Justice Systems, etc of the state is owned and controlled by the Muslim Fulani Tribe. How will one expect justice for Southern-Christain of another ethnic stock?

It has been so long that the Fulani tribe have continued to threaten the sanctity of a united Nigeria through their unguarded actions, thereby brooding religious and ethnic sentiments that have given rise to agitations, yet we seem not to see the dangerous handwriting on the wall.

Their action of using media trail to cajole Southern politicians has come to a level where the people of Southeast must rise to challenge the ugly trend.

Keeping Chief Anyim Pius in the custody of EFCC for refusing to drop his political ambition and join APC while the mainstream media is rubbishing his reputation is not in the least fighting corruption. If after 48 hours with EFCC, they can not charge him to a court or establish any case against him over the alleged graft, it is clear that this latest action is only aimed at extorting money from him to cut his strength and put him in bad light before Nigerians.

I call on Ohanaeze Ndigbo and other stakeholders of Igbo extraction to speak up against this injustice and attempt by APC, Buhari and the Fulani cabals to keep destroying our people with political-EFCC and remind the North that the only guarantee for peace in Nigeria is the realisation of Igbo Presidency in 2023.

Buhari-Led government should rest and stop hoodwinking us into this “corruption fight brouhaha”, we as Nigerians knows that a day shall come when corruption will be fought and defeated in Nigeria. But for now, we all know that you cannot fight corruption with more corruption.

Enough of this nonsense.

Amb. Afam Jude Emeri is a political analyst, activist and advocate of good governance. Writes from Lagos.
You can contact him at Email:

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