Opinion: In the nick of time, a Daniel shall rise to the rescue

By Afam Jude Emeri

All over the world, in the history of human evolution in politics, economy and developmental experiments, there must come a time when there will be a natural alignment for a paradigm shift in the events that controls the affairs of men, that Nick of time is always NOW!

For the want of men and women that will chart the good cause for the betterment of our society, we have continued to live in total subliminal existence with a resultant effect that has made our people only progress in retrogression, characterised by squalor, poverty, degradation and self-rejection because we are at a pedestal where bad leadership has been adjourned a norm.

Helpless as the situation may seem, we still cannot but ask ourselves some salient questions like”where are the good men that should’ve made good leaders, were they asleep when the ones we have tested to be bad took the centre stages to twist our collective lives and brought us to the periphery of hopeless existence where backwardness has become our normal, and good life for rhe masses a necessary evil?

Why have men that have successfully led in their entire life in their private endeavours still shy away from the onus task of shaping the society they have made their impact while leaving the centre stage for career politicians with one mission and purpose to “steal” like the biblical son of perdition that only came to  LOOT, to STEAL, just to EMBEZZLE.

In our gloomy state notwithstanding, it is comforting to know that all hope is never lost because only time can heal all wounds, and the time we live in is different.

That Men of character, charisma and pedigree like Rev. Dan Imo has thrown their hat in the circle with only intent to challenge the flawed status quo to alleviate the present helplessness of the masses who are always at the receiving end of every bad leadership is a reason for hope and comfort.

For want of space and time, I will not bother you at this point with his staggering profile and successes until the VERY NICK OF TIME. But it will not be rocket science to decipher what will make a man leave behind a lot of successful businesses in the Western world to serve his people. It takes love, passion and the desire to change anomalies that have been accepted as norms, bearing in mind that CORRUPTION is not a living being, it is only the bad energy of corrupt people that give it breath.

Yet we can never give up on hope because I am profoundly convinced that In the nick of time, a Daniel shall rise to the rescue.

…to be continued.

Amb. Afam Jude Emeri is a political analyst, activist and advocate of good governance. Writes from Lagos.
You can contact him at Email: afamjude22@gmail.com

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