Dr. Kalu felicitates with Alh. Atiku on the PDP National Convention


Akin to every other event in human social settings, a National Convention of this magnitude is worth hailing, celebrating and rejoicing with considering its epoc making impacts in the history of our great party.It is a landmark of positivity, transformation and new face agenda in the muscles and momentum of People s Democratic Party to take power from APC and salvage Nigeria, come 2023.

Your Excellency Sir,the call on you at this critical time to serve , by the greater population of Nigerians,PDP stakeholders, my Coalition platform and various international interest groups is a clarion one, well deserving and executively a round peg in a round suited hole. Leadership and development of a nation according to your speech citations during one of the 94th NEC general meetings in September 2021 to deliberate on Gov.Ugwuanyi led Convention Zoning Committee reports; “Nigerians are interested in good leadership geared towards developing the country not necessarily in where or from which ethnicity the leader comes .” The centre point of attention is getting a transformation and deeply committed leader with determined plans to revitalize Nigeria from the bunch of economic crashes and institutional failures.

PDP Coalition in conjunction with Global Initiatives For Good Governance and other socio-political organizations is joyfully saying ” Rankadede” to our astute, valiant and vibrant leader whose antecedents are charming and worth emulating.
The catalogue of your life-impacting endowments is balanced to take Nigeria to a greater height of excellence. A leader devoid of ethnic sentiment, a pragmatic mentor full of intelligence quotients needed to retrieve Nigeria from eventual collapse caused by inactions and weaknesses of this current APC led Federal government.

As we go under the Eagle Square podium to choose the next National Officers of the party, we vehemently believe that PDP will be greatly reshaped and strongly welded together to work in one accord with other interest groups and Nigerians for a change of government in 2023. We also extend our hands of salutations to the entire PDP family, especially the outgoing NWC members for a good sense of commitment demonstrated in arranging and organizing this near hands convention.
Your service and stewardship to the party would never be dust binned rather it would continue to be celebrated for winning State governorship elections and legislative seats even to the extent of pulling victory from the lion’s hands and godfatherism- “Edo State Governorship Election that re-elected Mr Godwin Obaseki, a point of reference.

We besiege all party faithful to support candidates with good spirit and readiness to work for the party uplift not those whose intents are rooted in selfishness and dirty inter/intra party spies to inflict harm on genuine party unity. Those who have been unanimously selected by their zones as consensus candidates, we felicitate with you all and hereby say….
Happy Safe and Successful Convention 2021!

PDP, Power To The People!

Chief Dr Emeka Kalu.
National Coordinator,
PDP Coalition.

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