Conspiracy: How DSS Allegedly Created BNG, UGM, Enforce Sit-At-Home To Discredit IPOB/ESN (Videos)

By Emma Powerful.

According to latest research on the activities of a deadly militant group causing choas in Southeast, Biafran Security Network, reveals that the group has no connection with IPOB or ESN.

According to the findings, ESN is the only gun bearing unit of IPOB, and cannot video themselves while in Operation. Their operation is in the bush, solely against HERDERS terrorists.

So who is BNG and Innocent Orji?

Innocent Orji, his Biafra National Guard and his people are working for and with DSS and DMI to try to discredit IPOB/ESN and Biafra Struggle.

They are funded and protected by DSS & DMI as an integral part of their Unknown Gunmen (UGM) undercover covert operations in Biafraland and South East in particular!

Innocent Orji is leader of the group that kidnapped Chinese workers of Innoson Motors some years ago. He received a total of about 20 Million Naira in ransom and still killed the Chinese hostage.

Innocent Orji was active in Ralph Uwazurike’s MASSOB for many years before breaking away to form his renegade gang.

Innocent Orji and some of his gang were then captured by Nigeria Police and jailed for years with his wife and others.

Whilst in custody DSS & DMI recruited him into their covert anti-Biafra insurgency operations wing, trained him and his gang, freed them, armed them up and funded them to establish what they now call Biafra National Guard (BNG) as part of the UGM ravaging the South East!

As we write, DSS still holds Innocent Orji’s wife in special protective custody to ensure he remains under their control.

Those of you here relating these DSS and DMI people to IPOB/ESN or to Biafra Struggle should know Innocent Orji, because his kidnapping case was public knowledge.

Before Innocent Orji and his DSS & DMI UGM will free Biafra, they should go and free his wife first from DSS special protective custody.

When IPOB/ESN tell you that UGM is DSS & DMI and DSS & DMI are the UGM terrorising the South East, you should know it is based on perfect accurate intelligence

Biafra National Guard lead by Innocent Orji is a totally DSS & DMI owned and funded Nigeria Government UGM organisation.

All the UGM in the South East, including those that they unleashed on Anambra, are all DSS and DMI operatives controlled and funded by the FGN!

All the killings and arson in South East, attacks on Police, INEC, assasination of of Dr Akunyili and others, burning of houses and markets and crimes against humanity in the South East, are DSS & DMI UGM covert operations. They are also the ones claiming to enforce Sit at Home on Mondays. They have added robbing of markets in South East Villages to their activities. Last week Tuesday they robbed an entire market at Awo-Omamma claiming to be ESN and carted away goods and commodities of poor innocent Biafrans! It’s all DSS & DMI UGM operations.

Now you all know the truth about UGM in the South East.

Watch this video to see the so-called UGM destabilizing Anambra and the entire Southeast.

[html5_video id=131710][html5_video id=131715]



If tterrorism last more than 24 hours, the government has a hand in it.

General Sani Abacha, former Nigerian Military President.

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