Gestapo Raid On Justice Mary Odili’s Residence By Security Agents, An Affront To Democracy, Violation Of Human Rights

Without any iota of doubt, the Friday invasion of Justice Mary Odili residence in Abuja by the Nigeria Security operatives is highly insulting, incriminating, uncivil and most regrettably a blatant slap on the integrity of Nigeria judiciary. How could in a broad daylight, heavily armed Security operatives invade the residence of a highly respected legal icon and Judge of the Supreme Court of Nigeria without any clear case of invitation or adherence to proper code of conduct! This goes to reaffirm how deeply injured our nascent democracy has been and also sends a bad signal of the Federal Government s plot to gag, hound and muzzle the Judge against her to Services to Nigeria.

In this regard, the People s Democratic Party Coalition (PDPCO) in a strong voice and bluntness condemns this disgusting act of harassment and embarrassment against the person of Justice Mary Odili. There are pockets of insecurity across the federation with the rising cases of killings and economic failures in the country and Federal Government has not been fully committed to addressing all these rather she is busy using EFCC and DSS to stifle party opponents, journalists and Judges which is antipodal to human rights and democracy.

We are seriously facing infrastructural decay today and the Nigerian government has been sitting on the fence and never shows any deep commitment to tackling the ugly situation. The network of roads serving as a gateway to South Western Nigeria through Ondo to Ibadan is in a sorry state and no meaningful efforts have been projected to reconstruct the road. Our hospitals are schools are crumbling and phasing off due to a lack of refurbishment and maintenance services but the Nigerian government is busy chasing shadows by working to nail every tongue that speaks the truth. Alas, this is highly regrettable.

This continued threats and harassment on senior citizens of this country in the guise of fighting corruption is hereby called to a stop. Nigeria Government must understand the volatile and fragile state of Nigeria unity occasioned by the activities of separatists agitations and attempting an act of this invasion on Peter Odili family is likely capable of raising nerves in the Niger Delta. The security agents were not liquor drinkers that they would not know that the residence they entered belonged to Justice Mary Odili and that there was no formal or official compliance to due process before the raid.

This is one of the reasons Nigeria is being frowned at in the Western world simply because of the antecedents of our government and manner of leadership. Therefore, PDP Coalition in her capacity condemns this act of insubordination and hereby calls on the federal government to desist from using security agents to plot framings and incriminations against the people of this country.
Government must stop this bad act except she wants Nigeria to keep smoking profusely which may lead us to regrets. Let’s eschew political high handedness and embrace development leadership that is capable of uniting, salvaging and harmonizing Nigeria.

Chief Dr Emeka Kalu
National coordinator
PDP Coalition.

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