4,176 fights took place on Halloween night in Colombia

During Halloween night in the country, the authorities reported that 4,176 fights took place, of which 1,299 were due to domestic violence, 1,018 due to the consumption of intoxicating beverages and 750 between neighbors.

In addition, the authorities reported that they received more than 62 thousand calls and imposed 595 appearances for failing to comply with the restrictions established by the municipal authorities in different regions of the country.

Also 4,520 people reported excessive noise or disturbance of tranquility.

In Bogotá alone, the authorities reported 64 captures in flagrante delicto for different crimes, as well as eight by court order. 186 subpoenas were also imposed, 25 commercial establishments were suspended and 4 firearms and 13 traumatic weapons were seized.

Authorities reported that 1,147 showed up in the capital.

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